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With innumerable printed circuit board or PCB manufacture in the market, Rush PCB UK stands apart in providing our customers with the most optimum balance of quality, value, and cost. With our technical experience of more than one and a half decades of turning our clients’ ideas into reality, we are constantly on the lookout for improving our services to our clients.

We have highly experienced engineers to meet our customers’ demands. Whether you require us to design your PCB, to fabricate it, or only to assemble it, we pay the same detailed attention to quality in all cases, focusing only on your requirements.

What We Offer

Prototype PCB
PCB Assembly
Flex / Rigid Flex PCB
PCB Turnkey
Blind and Buried Vias
PCB Design
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Leading PCB Assembly UK

Our PCB assembly UK service offers professional assembling of both prototypes and production quantities. Not only do we cater to the requirements of our customers all over the UK, our clients throughout the world entrust us to be their electronic manufacturing partner. This is because of our investments in two major areas:

State-of-the-Art Technology—Rush PCB invests continually to stay ahead of the competition for improving our technological services to our customers. When it comes to handling SMT components like 01005 passives, BGAs, µBGAs, QFNs, and other fine-pitch components, we remain unchallenged.

Certified Experts—Rush PCB has highly experienced engineers and staff members with the necessary certification from IPC-A-610G and IPC J-STD-001G. We also have IPC trainers providing continual training and education.

As a partner to our customers, we really do care about your requirements. We make sure we will complete your assemblies always on time, and to your specifications. We consider ourselves as an extension of your organization and maintain the highest quality standards for your products. Our customers prefer us as partners on account of our high-tech capabilities, our superior board quality, and our commitment to customer service.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer UK

At Rush PCB UK, we have the capacity to manufacture multi-layered boards ranging from 2 to 32 layers. We fabricate them in small and bulk quantities for local as well as for global supply. Our vast experience and technological prowess allow us to manufacture PCBs with high layer count and the use of unconventionally superior materials.

With several satisfied customers all over the UK and the rest of the world, Rush PCB has earned the tag of the Best PCB Supplier in UK. Our strategy to pack innovation and engineering into our PCB fabrication has paid off with delighted customers and repeat orders. We provide exceptional services not only in pcb manufacturing and PCB fabrication, but also in PCB prototype and PCB assembly. Our expertise covers Flex, Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCBs, HDI PCBs, blind/buried vias, laser-drilled micro-vias, and Turnkey services.

PCB Prototype UK Fabrication

If you are looking for rapid, fast, and quick turn PCB prototypes in UK, Rush PCB is the best place for circuit board Manufacturing. With our specialization in quick turn PCB services, we provide the industry-leading fast turnaround time of 24 hours. When you require fast and rapid PCB prototyping, Rush PCB has you covered with on-time deliveries and competitive pricing of high-quality Printed Circuit Board prototypes and pcb production UK.

With our entry-level PCB fabrication UK services, we can give you up to 500 boards in only a few days. These will be perfect for your testing purposes, or for using as one-offs. Our extensive prototype PCB fabrication capabilities allow us to confidently claim that we will exceed your expectations, whether your requirements are for simple or more complex multi-layered prototypes.

Get Your PCBs Designed by The Finest PCB Manufacture UK

Not all our customers have the time or resources to attempt board designs for their projects. We partner with such customers to design their PCBs. Our experience and trained personnel who understand the nuances of circuit board design and PCB Printing. We take responsibility for the entire gamut of the design activity.

We start with the schematic design. For this, we maintain the latest computers and the most up-to-date CAD design packages. We upgrade our component libraries continuously, as we are in constant contact with most of the major component manufacturers. Latest and updated component libraries are of vital importance when designing a PCB, as accurate component footprints form the foundation of the board, defining its ultimate quality.

We design all types of custom boards such as rigid PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB and HDI PCB, for high-speed, high-frequency RF, high power, and complex circuits. Please contact our sales team to know more about our design services.

At RUSH PCB UK, Circuit Board Technology Comes Alive

When you partner with us for your custom PCB boards, as a PCB supplier UK we put all our expertise and experience in your board, making the technology come alive. We use special tools like Design Rule Check or DRC, Design for Manufacturing or DFM and Design for Assembly or DFA to make sure the design has no issues during the design, PCB manufacture, or assembly processes.

For really complicated and high-density PCB prototype UK boards, we also offer the customer a choice for First Article Inspection. In such high-tech inspection process, we inspect a cross-section of the finished printed circuit board to examine the quality of features buried within its layers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – Call us now at 0203 750 0201 or send email to and our customer care will do their very best to achieve your satisfaction.


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Why Choose Us?

High Tech PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Capabilities
Superior PCB Quality & Fast Turnaround Times
Commitment to Customer Service & Online Quote

What quantities can you handle?

We process all quantities, from prototype to large volume production.

How should I format the Bill of materials?

We require BOM file with complete Manufacturing part number in The MS Excel format (.csv, .xlsx, .xls, or tab-delimited) BOM Should include:
Supplier and Part #
Reference Designator
Package Type (footprint)

Can Rush PCB Ltd order my parts?

As part of our turn-Key services, we can order parts for you, fabricate the PCBs, assemble them, test them, and deliver the completed PCBs to you.

What do you require for a turn-key order?

Bill of material, complete with manufacturer’s name, part number, ref designators, component description, quantity information in Excel format; Complete Gerber files; Centroid data.

Do you take up lead-free builds?

Yes, we take up Lead-Free PCB Assembly.

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