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In a market of numerous Printed Circuit Board providers, the eminent balance of quality, value and cost sets us apart. At RUSH PCB, we combine more than 15 years of experience with meticulous attention to client’s demands to turn ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter whether you just want us to assemble a PCB or design it from the scratch, our seasoned engineers pursue the excellence in designing, assembling and testing Printed Circuit Boards keeping your desires in focus with necessary communication. RUSH PCB carries the prowess to manufacture 2 to 32 layered Printed Circuit Boards in small and bulk quantities for local and global supply. We also address the specialty orders that involve superior layer count and use of unconventional materials. RUSH PCB does not put the badge of ‘Best Printed Circuit Boards in UK’ for no reason. With hundreds of satisfied clients all over UK and around the globe, we know how to put innovation and engineering on a printed circuit board of any kind. Our exceptional range of services includes, but is not limited to, Prototype PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, Flex and Rigid PCB , Blind and Buried Vias and PCB Turnkey


We believe in employing a fantastically skilled yet forward-thinking team of engineers that not only understands the demands and challenges of modern PCB manufacturing but also possesses the ability to convert plans into act of perfection. With RUSH PCB, our clients get the most flexible and resourcefulbunch of people eagerly waiting to fulfill or even exceed their expectations.


Send in your designs today with our user friendly ordering process and RUSH PCB will get back to you with a working prototype in no time. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us - call us now at 0203 750 0201 or send email to [email protected] and our customer care will do their very best to achieve your satisfaction.

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  • Hi RUSHPCB Team,We have been regular customers of RushPCB for over two years, the quality of the boards has always been excellent and the service consistently good and friendly.Andy Watts, Director
    Andy Watts
  • Dear Mr Pirbai,I would like to help you, I am very happy with the level of service your company has provided us in the last 19 months.Kind regards, Richard Iles Development Engineer
    Richard Iles
  • Hi Mehraj, The boards arrived before Easter so gave us time to solder them up and test them and we are really impressed with the boards! We now have more ideas and more prototype boards in the pipeline and will be hoping to get more quotes soon. Kind regards James