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RUSHPCB UK manufactures excellent flex printed circuit boards, which gives your device durability and high performance. Our professionals design and manufacture reliable flex printed circuit boards just according to your specifications in order to fit your device easily.Get Free Quote


FPCB, Flex PCB, or flexible PCB is a specifically designed provision of printed circuitry and SMD components utilizing flexible base materials with flexible coverlay or without. Rush PCB can fabricate these flexible assemblies using the same electronic components as rigid printed circuit boards use, but allowing the board to conform to the desired shape during its application.

You can learn more about our prototype and production flex PCB design and fabrication services. Rush PCB offers low-to-high volumes of flex PCB quantities manufactured with industry leading quick turnover times for flex, rigid-flex, and high density interconnect (HDI) PCBs.

We can take over any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring.

Rush PCB Caters to Several PCB Markets

  • Telecommunications — fiber optics communication products, and high-frequency chip carriers
  • Consumer electronics — smartphones, tablets, wearables
  • Automotive — lighting, camera and display modules, automotive electronics
  • Medical — medical electronics, medical imaging devices, and diagnostic hardware
  • Industrial — LED lighting, IoT, and robotics
  • Aerospace — High-frequency and high-speed electronics
  • Military — High-reliability electronic devices
  • Transportation — signaling, lighting, and display modules
  • and others.

Rush PCB Capabilities Include all Types of Flexible Printed Circuitry

  • Single Sided Flex
  • Single Sided Flex with Stiffeners
  • Single Sided Flex with Stiffeners and Dual Access
  • Double Sided Flex
  • Double Sided Flex with Stiffeners
  • Multi-Layer Flex
  • Multi-layer Flex with Stiffeners
  • Rigid Flex
  • Heavy Copper Flex
  • HDI Flex

Manufacturing Capabilities

As a leading prototype-to-production flex PCB manufacturer, Rush PCB has flex and rigid-flex capabilities that no other manufacturer can challenge. As your preferred flexible circuit supplier, we can make boards for you with line and width spacing as low as 0.75 mil (19 microns), with micro vias of 1 mil size. Whatever your requirement, consult our design and engineering services team to help determine the optimal technologies for your application. Avail of our offer of quick-turn flex PCB prototyping services, and you will be amazed at the extreme speed. View our complete capabilities for flexible and rigid-flex boards or simply contact us for more information.

Prototype and Production Quantities for Flex Circuits

With Rush PCB UK, you can forget PCB brokers. Simple skip these brokers and deal straight with the source. You can start prototyping in our UK or Europe facility or anywhere where you have your production run. This will keep you informed of the flex PCB materials and components that will be most effective during large volumes of PCB fabrication runs.

Not only is our design and prototype-to-production manufacturing capability different from others, we offer a competitive advantage because of our distinctive technical, engineering, procurement, and customer services.

Do not worry if you require inventory provisions for your flex or rigid-flex PCBs. We can give you pull-push inventory that will meet your specific needs. Even if your orders are in high volumes, we manage your inventories with JIT or Just in Time deliveries.

Flex PCB Assembly Services

Rush PCB also provides assembly services for flex and rigid-flex PCBs to reduce your vendor count, production delays, and quality issues. We cater to single component to complicated box builds. Leave it to Rush PCB to do your component sourcing, assembly, and testing.

With a strong network, Rush PCB pushes the limits on manufacturing and flex PCB assembly process, with 0.75 mil traces, RF PCB, and/or HDI PCB technology and more.

Benefits of Flex PCBs

Compared to the traditional rigid boards and cabling, flex boards offer several benefits:

  • Size and weight reduction
  • Improved impedance control and reliability
  • Stronger signal quality
  • Wider operating temperature range
  • Higher circuit density
  • Unparalleled design flexibility
  • Elimination of mechanical connectors
  • Reduced wiring errors

Disadvantages of Flex PCBs

Using flex PCBs also carries some disadvantages of which users should be aware:

  • Needs sulfur free plastics for proper storage
  • Difficult or impossible to repair once damaged
  • Sensitive to scratching
  • Easily damaged through improper handling
  • Assembly is more difficult and complex
  • Do not work well in low temperatures
  • Higher material cost compared to traditional rigid boards

Advantages of Flex PCB Fabrication with Rush PCB

Rush PCB offers the highest quality of flexible circuit boards, as our boards undergo thermal cycling and shock testing. This ensures proper usage in the desired environment. We offer PCB burn-in and testing for all our boards. Rush PCB can also assemble all your circuit boards.