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Rush PCB offers you a unique and completely trouble-free Full Turnkey PCB assembly that is as easy as simply uploading your Bill of Materials (BOM) to us. Of course, to us, it includes much more than simply assembling the circuit. However, our customers find it a comprehensive way to go from concept to product to market in few simple steps. We specialize in high layer count PCBs, engineering prototypes, and Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Our Capabilities

At Rush PCB, our customers have only to upload their BOM file to get the full turnkey quotation for components, labor, and bare boards. Rush PCB does the entire legwork for you, and offers you the most optimized quantity/price selection based on your project. For Full Turnkey PCB, we will give you full turnkey quote on the same day. Whether your BOM contains only 5 parts or over 500 parts, Rush PCB offers you a comprehensive quote on the same day.

Our capabilities include taking your design and providing a completed product at a competitive cost, all at an incomparable turnaround time. Moreover, our Full Turnkey solution includes Full Turnkey PCB design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and DFM engineering assistance. We also provide inspection, test, box build, and final product assembly if you require.

Furthermore. we provide our customers with printed circuit board assemblies, electronic assemblies, medical assemblies, and box-builds that are built to customer specifications at the most competitive prices while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. Rush PCB provides full turnkey solutions from design and prototypes to assembly, test, and box build.

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    Our Certification

    We are certified for AS 9000 and ISO 9001-2015. Moreover, we offer ourselves as providers for all types of PCBs and PCB Assembly, and have the capability to offer a full range of skills starting from designing, prototyping, and supplying PCB and PCB assemblies for full volume production.

    We maintain and follow a Quality Management System. Secondly, we track all our vendors to ensure quality products from them, while we make sure that we are maintaining the quality for our customers. Our quality standard remains on par with global benchmarks. For this, we conform to the following international quality certificates:

    • IPC-A-610 CLASS 1-2-3
    • ESD Safe Work Place
    • J Std 001E Class I, II, and III
    • FPF HDBK-263
    • UL Approved

    Our Services

    Rush PCB is a leading electronics manufacturing company providing solutions. Founded in 1997, we have the capability to offer a wide-range of Full Turnkey PCB services related to manufacturing. Over the last two decades, we have collaborated with several enterprises from a huge range of industries such as automotive and consumer electronics, gaming, wireless and RF, nuclear, defense, and aerospace.

    We endeavor to provide the following services:

    • Complete satisfaction to our customers
    • Fastest turnaround in the industry
    • 24×7 support

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