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Capabilities: Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework

At RUSH PCB Ltd, we have the expertise and experience to perform Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly modifications and rework with precision, ensuring the continued robust reliability of your assembly. Our rework services are conducted at our headquarters in California, USA.

Reworking and/or Replacing a BGA

When reworking the solder connections underneath the BGA, its solder needs to be heated for reflow, without damaging the PCB itself or the other components on the board. This involves sending the heat to melt the solder through the Ball Grid Array (BGA).

However, so that the PCB is not thermally shocked, the rework process begins with preheating the circuit board. Once the PCB itself has been preheated, just enough extra heat is applied to the BGA to flow the solder underneath it, and then the BGA is removed from the PCB.

If the Ball Grid Array is to be reused, it has to be re-balled; the old solder is removed, and then new balls or spheres are attached to the BGA.

Ball Grid Array

The newly re-balled BGA is placed onto the PCB assembly. The PCB is preheated again, and once the PCB is up to temperature, the BGA is given extra heat; reflowing the solder and forming new connections.

Only after the reworked printed circuit board is cleaned and inspected is it ready for shipment.

For more information on Ball Grid Array rework, contact us at sales@rushpcb.co.uk or call 0203 750 0201.

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