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RUSHPCB Ltd is proud to be the preferred destination for many customers around the globe. Specializing in PCB assembly and manufacturing, we design PCBs ranging from 2 to 32 layers as specified by the customer. Over the years, our services and products have improved to higher layer count PCBs, laser drill micro-vias, exotic materials, blind/buried vias and conductive and non-conductive via fill.

The design services we offer are explicit and they fit all your specifications. We assure a high efficiency guaranteed on each PCB we deliver. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art technology and expertise to design our PCB products. This has made us grow significantly over the last few years. Equally significant, we use CAD software in our design procedure. Our CAD engineers compliment the existing design engineers so that the PCB layout suits your design specifications.

Moreover, we provide onsite and offsite services so as to ensure the cost constraints and time scales are met. Some of the PCB design services we offer to all our customers are:-

PCB Design and PCB Layout Services

Impedance control

Our team of engineers and other experts ensure that they observe good design practices. They assure impedance is controlled and the set specifications are met. Impedance control is significant in most of the high speed signals.

Variety of Printed Circuit Boards

With several years in the market, we design high-quality boards meant to suit your specifications. Some of the special design boards we assemble are LED boards, high flex and rigid boards. Please work with us for better experience. Be assured of the best from one of the best PCB manufacturers, designers and assemblers in the world.

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    Signal Integrity and EMI/EMC

    High-speed signaling methods are crucial in any PCB design process and we at RUSHPCB are keen to ensure that we observe the same so as to meet the EMC verifications and signal integrity requirements.

    High layer count PCBs Design In UK

    We design PCBs with up to 32 layers using technologically advanced equipment and software like CAD. This has helped us maintain quality and uniqueness over years.

    HDI/Buried via/Micro via

    Our engineers are experts in the use of CAD which has many micro via designs which range from standard micro via to stacked via designs. This accelerates the design process with the guarantee of high-quality end product. Moreover, we use laser to drill micro vias hence high-quality vias.

    Printed Circuit Boards designed by RUSHPCB can suit your production facilities with no risks or delays whatsoever. We assure perfect delivery of PCB designs. It all occurs before the set deadline and at a minimal cost. Please try us today and you will never regret doing business with us.

    Our customers enjoy a supportive, caring and ever online team of experts which has led to trust and rapid expansion of our production over the years.

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    So, for more information about PCB design and the range of products and services we offer. Please get in touch with us now. Contact our sales team 0203 750 0201

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