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Printed Circuited Boards can be found in most household items that are electronic;

  • TV Remotes
  • Computers
  • Blenders
  • Remote Control Cars

It’s obvious just how important PCBs become to us during a rather brief period. As technology progresses, so will the need for Printed Circuit Boards. Our fabrication process caters to each of our client’s individual PCB needs. We consistently offer the latest in technological requirements to ensure that our customers receive the best PCB available on the market.

We have proudly offered our services for over fifteen years providing quality and quick turn-around times at prices that are so reasonable our competitors can’t beat them.

One of the simplest ways available to make circuits is the breadboard circuit. The breadboard circuit’s design is easy to follow, and does not require soldering, making errors almost non-existent during the fabrication process. This circuit board is ideal for smaller, more compact electronic projects, rather than larger ones.

Strip Board Circuits are for larger projects. They are made of plastic and have holes running through the entire length of the circuit board.The board is permanent, because it requires soldering so it can work correctly. One side of the board consists of copper track strips. Since the board has lots of holes, it can be easy to solder wrongly or to place a component in the wrong area during the fabrication process.

PCB Fabrication

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    How We Assure PCB Fabrication Completion?

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the most familiar types of circuit boards, especially for home electronics construction. We design all the boards perfectly, specifically to a schematic diagram, making construction and soldering components easier and clearer regarding the placement of parts.Creating Printed Circuit Boards to our customer’s exact specifications is quite simple; we use our automated process which allows us to place various components like resistors, capacitors, ICs with precision cutting down the risk of unnecessary mistakes. Additionally, we have created a system to follow which further ensures the completion of your PCB fabrication.

    We keep your project on schedule and on budget by following a few simple rules;

    • Ensuring constant communication with our client during the entire fabrication process
    • Identifying long lead-time parts
    • Keeping documentation current and accurate
    • Encouraging the correct product demand information
    • Making sure that we are the manufacturer that can and will meet your fabrication needs

    By simply following the points listed above we can ensure that our customers’ Printed Circuit Board is completed within the designated time limit. Also, we assure PCB fabrication is fine in the least expensive manner as possible. More importantly, we can provide our customers with the exact PCB that they need.

    If you want to learn more about our PCB fabrication process please contact us today, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the fabrication of your Printed Circuit Board. Contact us today to find out how our experts can help you, we are sure that after speaking with them you will know that Rush PCB is the right choice for your fabrication needs. Don’t put off your project one second longer.

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