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PCB Manufacturing and Assembly In Europe

With over 18 years’ experience in Printed Circuit Boards and assembly services, we are proud to be the preferred destination for customers from the entire globe, especially in Europe. We have a team of qualified personnel in European countries like Germany, Italy, France, Finland and Norway to help us serve you better for PCB manufacturing and assembly.

PCB Manufacturing And Assembly UK

RUSHPCB in U.K (Europe Headquarters)

Services offered

Our services in U.K and neighboring countries are offered by experienced personnel who work hard to ensure that you are all satisfied. Some of the services we offer are:

PCB design Europe

Being an exemplary PCB manufacturer and assembler, our staff engineers work with you until the desired product is obtained.

Printed Circuit Boards Europe

We assure our customers quality and uniqueness of the PCBs we provide in the U.K. They vary from flex, buried and blind vias, sequential builds and flex-rigid PCBs.

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    PCB Assembly Europe

    For flawless PCB manufacturing and assembly in UK, we offer Prototypes, Long Runs, Medium Runs and Short Runs. Our assembly comprises of single, double sided and multilayer PCBs which can be used as flex PCBs to accommodate more components.


    Some of our tests include Clam Shell Test, Adjacency Test, 100% Net List Test, Golden Board Test and many more. In the event you have any problem using your product, we will help you out.

    Contact our sales agents in the U.K:

    Tel: 0203 750 0201
    Address: 3 Charlotte Court,
    Claremont Lane,
    Esher, Survey,
    KT10 9AG

    RUSHPCB in France

    This is one of our best markets in the World and we are proud to be the PCB supplier for well-known multinational companies based in France. Just like in Germany and U.K, some of our major products offered are:

    • PCB design: We design all the products to suit your demands and expectations.
    • Printed Circuit Boards: Our PCBs vary from flex, buried and blind vias, sequential builds, flex-rigid and high layer count multilayer PCBs.
    • PCB Assembly: Our assembly comprises of single, double sided and multilayer PCBs.
    • Testing:We apply several PCB Testing techniques like Clam Shell Test, Adjacency Test, 100% Net List Test to ensure all our boards are effective.

    What Our Clients Say About Us :

    Hi RUSHPCB Team,
    We have been regular customers of RushPCB for over two years, the quality of the boards has always been excellent and the service consistently good and friendly. – Andy Watts, Director

    Dear Mr Pirbai,
    I would like to help you, I am very happy with the level of service your company has provided us in the last 19 months.
    Kind regards,
    Richard Iles
    Development Engineer

    Contact Us :https://www.rushpcb.co.uk/contact

    RUSHPCB in Germany

    Our German market has grown over the past few years. Our Quality Assurance Personnel ensure that we provide the best PCB manufacturing and assembly worldwide. We provide:

    Printed Circuit Boards

    • LED boards
    • Flex and Rigid-flex boards
    • Surface finishes
    • Testing parameters
    • RoHS compliance

    PCB Assembly

    • Military and Aerospace PCB assembly
    • Ball grid arrays
    • PCB assembly rework

    Are you interested in placing an order or consultation? Visit us at https://www.rushpcb.co.uk/contact/

    Please note that these are just some of our markets in Europe. We treat all our customers equally and the prices charged are all fair. Some other European countries were we offer our services are:



    Norway and other countries.

    Serving you is our pleasure. Please work with the professionals; visit our sales team at sales@rushpcb.co.uk or 0203 750 0201

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