PCB Design Checklist

A Printed Circuit Board design checklist is the set of processes or procedures that are to be adhered to during design of a PCB. To be precise, the design checklist consists of information about the schematic details, PCB details, design specifications and any special artwork that is to be implemented in the design. It helps one manage workflow and delegate some duties if the design is being done by a group.  While coming up with a new PCB design, the following design checklist is crucial.

Schematic details

  • Schematic diagram availability
  • Bill of materials
  • Component details (is covered in bill of materials) you may write critical components placement

PCB details

  • Board size / mechanical dimension  if specific
  • Expected Number of layers
  • Board clock frequency, current carrying capacity
  • Mounting Hole information
  • Technology (SMD/ Through whole/ Mixed)
  • Placement information and legend details
  • Board Name


Below information will be derived once design is done, but if customer has any specific requirements than he can provide.


Design specification   if specific

  • Internal plane clearance
  • Minimum clearance for conductance
  • Mounting hole clearance (s)
  • Clearance for solder mask
  • Heat sink

Special artwork (Possible parameters)  if Specific

  • Ground pattern
  • Orientation of the components
  • Component placement and grounding of holes

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