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Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes
HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveled)Solder is deposit on features that are not cover with Solder Mask. Solder Thickness varies from 0.2 to 1.2 mils. This variation is due to board circuit density, aspect ratio. Solder consists of 63%/37% eutectic Tin/lead
OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)A transparent organic coating is deposit on features that are not cover with solder mask.
ENIG (Electrolysis Nickel/Gold)Electrolysis nickel and Electrolysis gold is deposit on features that are not cover with Solder Mask. Thickness for Nickel is between 80 to 150 micro inches and Gold thickness is 3-6 micro inches.
Gold FlashElectrolytic nickel-gold deposit on solderable features. Typically 150-200 micro inches of nickel is deposit, and 5-10 micro inches of Hard gold. Gold flash is apply to features after pattern Copper plating.
Immersion SilverSilver is deposit on features not cover with solder mask. Thickness of silver is 4 to 20 micro inches.
White TinImmersion tin is deposited on features not covered with Solder mask. Thickness is typically 30-40 micro inches.
Carbon Ink for Key pad applicationA conductive carbon paste is apply on selective pads for contact purposes, e.g.. Keypads of calculators, etc.
Wire Bondable Soft GoldElectrolytic soft gold is plate on features that require bondable gold for wire bonding application. Depending on the type of wire bonding use, the thickness of gold varies from 20 to 50 micro inches. Nickel thickness is between 150 to 250 micro inches.

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