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PCB Prototyping and Manufacturing Spain

Rush PCB Ltd is a stellar PCB manufacturer in Spain. Our customers recognize us as an eminent manufacturer of high-quality printed circuit boards, and hence favor us as their most popular choice for complex board fabrication. While we fabricate multiple types of boards, we have highly customizable solutions for meeting the needs of our clients. Our offer includes:

● Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flexible, and HDI Boards

● Metal Core Circuit Boards with Aluminum Backing

● Advanced Boards with Heavy Copper, Ceramic materials, and Hybrid RF Circuits

● Boards with Customized Profiles like Circular, Rectangular, Square, and Other Specific Profiles

  • Boards with Special Materials for RoHS compliance, High Frequency, High Speed, and High-Temperature Boards

 Our set-up in Spain is one of the most modern, fully automated, and highly sophisticated PCB manufacturing units. While we are fully capable of supporting our customers with high volumes of production quantities, we also help them with our complete support for prototype quantities they need and all their requirements for quick-turn boards. We fabricate and deliver boards ranging from 1–32 layers and panels with a maximum size of 400 x 450 mm. We offer lead times starting from 2 days.

While our regular PCB options are quite popular with our customers, we also offer them advanced options for manufacturing. For instance, we can fabricate High-Density Interconnect boards consisting of staggered and stacked microvias, buried and blind vias, and via-in-pad. We also offer our clients resin-filled and plugged vias, depending on their requirements. If necessary, we make different types of holes, including half-cut, castellated, and press-fit types.

Our other specialties include Kapton Tape, Carbon Masks, Edge Plating, Peelable Solder Masks, and Gold Fingers. We also offer Impedance Controlled PCB, for which our tolerances range from +10% to -10%. We maintain the tolerance for controlled impedance by adjusting the layer stack up with alternate base materials.

Our Special Services Include:

● DFA and DFM checking — At No Extra Cost

● Consultation for reducing production costs of boards — At No Extra Cost

● Panelization — At No Extra Cost

● Stencil Making — At No Extra Cost

● Electrical Testing — At No Extra Cost

● Layer Stackup — Fully Customizable

● Expedited Circuit Fabrication

● Excellent Customer Services

We offer of a huge range of surface finishes, and our customers can choose from:

● HASL — Hot Air Solder Leveling

● HASL-RoHS — Lead-Free Hot Air Solder Leveling

● ENIG – RoHS — Lead-Free Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold

● ENEPIG – RoHS — Lead-Free Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold

● ISN – RoHS — Lead-Free Immersion Tin

● IAG – RoHS — Lead-Free Immersion Silver

OSP – RoHS — Lead-Free Organic Solderability Preservatives

PCB Manufacturer Spain

We are one of the leading PCB manufacturers in Spain, and we have been growing exponentially over the last two decades. Today, we are a fully automated, modern circuit board manufacturing facility, and we proudly claim to be the most favored solution provider in Spain. While our clients are spread all over the globe, in Spain, we have a broad range of industries as our customers.

We offer full-featured services to all our customers. We provide them with high-quality circuit boards with our state-of-the-art tools and automated and sophisticated machines. We manufacture to international quality standards, and therefore, we have clients from a large expanse of industries like medical, telecommunications, education, aerospace, and many more.

PCB Assembly Spain

As a progressive PCB assembly service in Spain, our clients experience the entire range of our services, starting from PCB fabrication to component sourcing, board assembly, and finally, testing. We are the only company that exclusively offers advanced assembly to all our customers. Among the many high-quality services we offer, the following are in high demand:

Single-Stop Fabrication & Assembly — Full Turn-Key from start to finish

Multiform Assembly Services — THT, SMT, Mixed, Rigid Boards, Flexible Boards, POP

Alternative Assembly in Flexible Volumes — Prototypes, Low Volumes, High Volumes.

Sourcing Components — We procure only original and authentic components from recognized and accredited component distributors and manufacturers. Our highly experienced materials management team sources all components from qualified suppliers with whom we maintain a cordial and stable relationship. Even then, we have a process of incoming quality inspection for all the sourced components before they reach the assembly lines.

Quality Assurance — In our organization, we treat quality as a foremost issue. We follow a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the quality and functionality of our products. As necessary, we use visual inspection, AOI, X-Ray, and other suitable methods.

Low Cost & High Efficiency — We offer free professional assistance to designers, including DFM & DFA, as value addition services.

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    Rush PCB Ltd Team Spain

    Our highly qualified and dedicated professional engineering team at Rush PCB Ltd Spain ensures that all our customers’ projects are brought to a successful end. Under our expert guidance, our customers start with a targeted design to ensure they will meet deadlines. To help our customers, we offer five types of circuit board assembly services:

    Prototype Assembly Services: Using this service, our customers may quickly verify their designs before finalizing on their commitments for full-scale production volumes. We deliver all prototypes as fast as possible so that customers can identify and correct potential problems in their design to optimize their products.

    Low Volume, High Mix Assembly Services: This service offers high flexibility. We can quickly assemble any mix of different board types.

    High Volume Assembly Services: This is a highly efficient service with an extended setup. It easily accepts high-volume assembly orders at short notice.

    Partial & Consigned Assembly Services: We accept all components that our customers can supply, source the rest of the components, and supply the requisite labor for the assembly.

    Full Turn-key Assembly Services: We handle the entire scope, starting from board fabrication and small to large volume component purchasing, while also supplying the necessary labor for the assembly.

      Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Spain

    Being a distinguished manufacturer, Rush PCB Ltd has the capability to manufacture all types of Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex PCBs in Spain. Our quick-turn and single-window fabrication and assembly service is extremely popular among all our customers. Our instant RFQ replies and same-day DFM checking are totally customer-centric, while we also help speed up our customers’ R&D through our expedited production.

    PCBs we offer include:

    ● Single-Sided Rigid

    ● Single-Sided Flex

    ● Single-Sided Rigid-Flex

    ● Double-Sided Rigid

    ● Double-Sided Flex

    ● Double-Sided Rigid-Flex

    ● Multi-Layered Rigid

    ● Multi-Layered Flex

    ● Multi-Layered Rigid-Flex

    Because of our stellar performance as a highly experienced manufacturer of rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs in Spain, our competitors are no match for our capabilities. For instance, our HDI boards can have track widths and spacing as low as 0.75 mils (19 microns), along with microvias measuring 1 mil.

    Free consultations with our engineering and design teams help customers in optimizing their designs. As we handle designs of various specifications, we help our customers quickly evaluate their new designs through our superfast quick-turn prototyping service.

    High Density Interconnect Spain

    Our dedicated professional team consists mainly of highly qualified personnel, and this team ensures the success of all projects of our customers. As a responsible PCB manufacturer in Spain, we ensure that by optimizing the designs of our customers, they not only succeed but also meet their deadlines.

    Of the five types of circuit board assembly services we offer, our customers can pick any:

    Prototype Assembly Services: With this service, we help in evaluating their designs before the customer can commit to large-scale production volumes. We deliver prototypes quickly, and this helps customers not only identify and rectify potential problems in their design but also optimize it.

    Low Volume, High Mix Assembly Services: Using this service, customers can get all types of different boards assembled quickly.

    High Volume Assembly Services: With an efficient setup as a base, this service accepts large assembly orders at short notice.

    Partial & Consigned Assembly Services: This service is for customers who already have some components. We procure the rest and also supply the necessary labor for the assembly.

    Full Turn-key Assembly Services: In this service, we fabricate your boards, procure all components, and supply the requisite labor for the assembly.

    Get in touch with us today – Call us now at 0203 750 0201 or correspond with our customer care will do their very best to achieve your satisfaction.

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