Military and Aerospace PCB Assembly

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Capabilities: Military and Aerospace Assembly

For Military & Aerospace Assembly. High-reliability DoD and military electronics demand the highest standards for reliability. Moreover, they require quality, and conformance.

Design Considerations

These devices should build with zero defects and must function error-free over their entire lifetime. Also, often under severe environmental conditions including high moisture and heat, or freezing cold.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) also cannot affect military and aerospace assemblies.

Military and Aerospace PCB

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    Military and Aerospace Assembly

    Beyond normal design considerations for electronic device assembly, military and aerospace assemblies require the following:

    1. Mounting heat-producing components with more clearance space. They protect circuit board and other components from heat
    2. Applying thermal compound where it needs help dissipate heat;
    3. Pre-tinning the stranded and braided wire for better solderability;
    4. Soldering press-fit components to decrease vibration issues;
    5. Double-checking heat settings (thermal profiles) of the reflow and wave soldering processes so that the components are not damaged by heat during assembly;
    6. Applying high quality acrylic-based sprays to coat the PCBs with conformal coating to protect the finished product;
    7. Inspecting 100% of the PCBs and assemblies as they are completed to ensure quality.

    Hence, RUSH PCB understands the need for quality and we are ITAR approved; we put quality and dependability first. Let our engineers help you with the design, & fabrication. We can better take care of assembly of your military and aerospace assemblies.

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