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RUSHPCB UK: Premier Military and Aerospace PCB Assembly Services

RushPCB UK is one of the few printed board manufacturers and a military and aerospace-approved supplier providing MOD contacts-ready PCB assembly services. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we comply with the highest quality standards to provide our customers with the most advanced circuit board technologies the industry can offer for military and aerospace assemblies. As a premier PCB manufacturing and assembly company, we offer our vastly experienced PCB capabilities and extensive materials selection, along with innovative equipment.

For any PCB assembly company to meet the rigorous demands of the military and aerospace industry, they should meet the following criteria:

  • Must have mil/aero certification and quality assurance systems
  • Must be capable of supplying highly specialized defense and aerospace PCBs
  • Must be able to transition seamlessly from fabrication to PCB assembly
  • Must provide an extensive selection of materials

Mil/Aero Certification & Quality Assurance Systems

At RushPCB UK, we have the necessary quality assurance systems in place, and our team has the requisite technical expertise to provide our defense and aerospace customers with high-performing and reliable PCBs and PCB assemblies for critical applications. We have ITAR-registered state-of-the-art facilities, and we are certified to meet all major Aero/Mil requirements.

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Highly Specialized Defense and Aerospace PCBs

Military and aerospace have rigorous PCB design criteria with requirements of high precision and performance. We use advanced PCB technologies to meet these rigorous demands. Our capabilities include 40-layer boards, sequential laminations, vias-in-pads, laser-drilled micro vias, copper up to 20 oz., oversized boards, small boards for antenna/microwave, cavity boards, and laser direct imaging.

Seamless Transition from Fabrication and PCB Assembly

We are the stellar one-stop solution for PCBs in the UK, providing small quantities, quick turn military and aerospace assemblies all under one roof. We do not charge for set-ups and stencils, and neither do we charge for any Non-Recurring Expenses.

Extensive Selection of Materials

For military and aerospace PCBs, material selection is an important aspect of design and manufacturing. This ensures superior reliability and performance in the most extreme environments and critical applications. We offer a huge selection of advanced materials for meeting the demands of the military and aerospace industry.

Best Space and Military Electronic Manufacturing Company

For electronics specifically, space is an unforgiving environment, as the conditions up there are vastly different from those on the surface of the earth. Electronic assemblies must function flawlessly not only after leaving the assembly line, but must also complete their life span without faltering—there is no concept of maintenance or servicing in space.

With electronic manufacturing companies developing and manufacturing complex electronic assemblies for missiles, satellites, and spacecraft, each electronic device must be customized for the specific requirements of the purchaser to ensure superior quality, affordability, and prompt deliveries.

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When dealing with military and aerospace requirements, it is insufficient to produce decent quality products. Military and aerospace assemblies must be of only the finest quality capable of enduring the stringent conditions.

Therefore, NADCAP certified electronic manufacturing services with exclusive qualities are required to produce devices that can weather the challenges from space programs with the help of radiation toughened electronic assembly services. Manufacturers gain this certification to make sure the PCB assemblies they product conform to the military and aerospace specifications.

PCB Assembly Services Offered

Electronic manufacturing services with ISO-9000 and NASA certifications have in-house knowledge ensuring the following:

  • Fast PCB assembly services
  • Flying probe tests
  • Conformal coatings
  • 5σ – 6σ processing (less than 200 faults per million opportunities)
  • Experienced design and layout personnel
  • NASA trained soldering experts

Electronic PCB assembly and manufacturing services incorporate the above advanced manufacturing technologies in operation-critical services such as quality management systems to achieve competitive production within a short span of time. This is because high-reliability MOD and aerospace electronics demand the highest standards for quality, reliability, and conformance.

Rush PCB UK manufacture these assemblies with zero defects, and they function error-free for their entire lifetime, under the most severe environmental conditions including the most intense cold, high moisture content, and high temperatures.

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