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Consumer space is perhaps the largest market for Printed Circuit Boards as all electronic appliances incorporate the technology. It is crucial for a business to get the design done in time with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Consumer applications has a wide range and includes:

Industries we Serve electronics

+ Electronics

Our services cover timely design and manufacturing of high quality Printed Circuit Boards that are ready to go in your gadget. With reliable consistency we are able to churn out PCBs that cater to your needs at benchmark level. We can deal the complicated and sophisticated the design. Our expert engineers will put all their prowess in effect to come up with the optimum solution.

+ Personal Computers

We are surrounded by computers. There are desktops in our homes, smartphones and tablets in our hands and laptops fill the void when we commute. Printed Circuit Boards have rare application in other consumer products more than they have their applications in PC industry. Every computer is a home to a collection of well-conceived PCBs. We understand the intricacies of the process by delivering only the best.

+ Do It Yourselfers

Every electronic product is not about business, right? Sometimes it’s just about curiosity to know how 0s and 1s flow in circuit and what charm they can bring. We get your passion toward such hobbies and are able to work with you. We can design and furnish a Printed Circuit Board that can fulfill your requirements at the earliest. The world is all about the possibilities and with us you could unlock a few more doors.

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    Printed Circuit Boards are one of those products that find their use in consumer space as well as at industrial level. The stakes are higher when you take it to the next level but don’t you worry as we have enough experience and expertise to meet your demands at a much larger scale where precision is much more valuable.

    Automobile & Transportation PCB Manufacturer

    We are proud to keep the wheels moving with our innovative designs. There are many segments of in a vehicle where you need a sophisticatedly designed and engineered Printed Circuit Board to lift the consumer driving experience and we can serve the purpose not only in time but with much needed attention to detail and precision. With our PCBs your automobile business can take a new shape in no time.

    Medical & Health Services PCB Manufacturer

    The industry that is dedicated to saving lives and making them better needs made-to-order solutions for customized medical equipment and gadgetry. When it comes down to perfecting the Printed Circuit Board designs for such equipment, there is no better alternative of Rushpcb as our immaculate dexterity and dynamic experience not only enable us to achieve flawless designs efficiently and effectively but deliver the solution in given timeframe as well.

    Telecom PCB Manufacturer

    Communication is the heart of today’s era. Millions of bytes of information travels to and from different gadgets, devices, electronics satellites, fiber optics and other means. All this is made possible due to tiny little circuits running at core of computers controlling data flow. Our experts understand the delicacies and details of such ventures and are able to come up with solutions that are designed to perfection.

    Medium to Large Scale Business PCB Manufacturer

    Another area where Printed Circuit Boards have started to find their applications is businesses where custom designed electronic solutions demand the need of very specific PCBs. We host the talent, skill and experience to engineer, design and manufacture such peculiar products at short deadlines. With standards set at highest level, we are able to deliver a product that excites you with its performance and reliability.


    When we take a one more step forward we land in the arena where mistakes can be really costly. Yes, Printed Circuit Boards also have a use in government applications where they are beneficial in different institutions for multi-purposes. With stakes so high, we are able to put forward reliable solutions with our unwavering commitment.

    Military PCB Manufacturer

    Without any doubt the most sophisticated and meticulous applications of Printed Circuit Boards come in military space. Here, pin point precision is the only thing that matters and there is no margin for error. At this height of accuracy, utmost dedication and skill is important to us to provide the right solutions. We are always up for it with all of our senses attentive and brains storming with ideas. That’s where the real test lies and we are able to deliver the goods.

    Education & Training PCB Manufacturer

    Schools, colleges and universities are the places where students start to take interest in electronics and the magical tricks it can do. For these curious minds, nothing is impossible and they are willing to push the boundaries with their ideas. We are always there to come up with Printed Circuit Boards they require to experiment, analyze their concepts. We take pride in serving these young minds who bear the potential to take the industry to the next level.

    Space & Aeronautics PCB Manufacturer

    One of the most fragile and volatile area of PCB application where there are no second chances. This is where we usually have take a different route to build custom solutions that meet specific and peculiar demands. This is one of the industry we serve where our most elegant and exquisite designs go. With expert engineering prowess and skill, we are able to pump out solutions as per the expectations.

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