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Manufacturing Capabilities – Technology of Rush PCB
Layer Count2-48 Layers2-48 Layers50+ Layers
Laminate Materials
FR4 Tg 140YesYesYes
FR4 Tg 170YesYesYes
FR4 Tg 180YesYesYes
Rogers RFYesYesYes
Taconic RFYesYesYes
Arlon RFYesYesYes
RoHS MaterialsYesYesYes
Halogen FreeYesYesYes
Aluminum BackingYesYesYes
Brass BackingYesYesYes
Copper BackingYesYesYes
C-LEC PlasticYesYesYes
Speed BoardYesYesYes
Flex SubstratesYesYesYes
Board Types
RF Microwaveyesyesyes
Mix Dielectrics / Hybrid Materialyesyesyes
Dielectrics With Metal Core/Backingyesyesyes
Panel SizesStandard PanelNon-Standard Panel
12 X 18YesNo
16 X 18YesNo
16 x 21NoYes
18 X 24YesNo
21 x 24NoYes
22 x 28NoYes
47″ x 47″ (maximum working panel 2 layers)NoYes
39″ x 39″ (maximum working panel 4-8 layers)NoYes
27″ x 27″ (maximum working panel 10 layers)NoYes
** Panel Utilization Can Vary On Panel Area Depending On Design, IPC Coupons & TDR Coupons.
Board Types
Finish Thickness.003″ to .200″.003″ to .500″> .500
Minimum Core Thickness.004″.003″.002″
Finished Thickness Tolerance10%7%5%
Multiple Lamination Cycles577+
Copper Foil Weights (Internal Layers)1/2 – 3 OZ1/4 – 4 OZ1/4 – 6 OZ
Copper Foil Weights (External Layers)1/2 – 3 OZ1/4 – 4 OZ1/4 – 6 OZ
Pad, Lines & Spacing Diameters
External Line Width.004″.003″.002″
External Spacing.004″.003″.002″
Internal Line Width.004″.003″.002″
Internal Spacing.004″.003″.002″
External Pad Size – Annual Ring Per Side.005″.004″.003″
Internal Pad Size – Annular Ring Per Side.005″.004″.003″
SMT Pitch.040″.030″.020″
BGA Pitch.040″.030″.020″
Plating Finishes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)YesYesYes
Immersion SilverYesYesYes
Immersion White TinYesYesYes
HASL (60/40 Tin-Lead)YesYesYes
HAL (Lead-Free)YesYesYes
Nickel (Electroplated)YesYesYes
Palladium (Electroplated)YesYesYes
Gold (Electroplated)YesYesYes
Soft Wire Bondable GoldYesYesYes
OSP (Organic Surface Protection)YesYesYes
Carbon InkYesYesYes
Selective PlatingYesYesYes
RoHS Finishes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)YesYesYes
Immersion SilverYesYesYes
Immersion White TinYesYesYes
HAL (Lead-Free)YesYesYes
OSP (Organic Surface Protection)YesYesYes
Soft Wire Bondable GoldYesYesYes
Hole Aspect Ratio10:115:120:1
Drilled Hole To Copper.008″.005″< .005″
Plated Hole Tolerances (+/-).003″.002″<.002″
Non Plated Hole Tolerances (+/-).001″.001″.001″
Fabrication Tolerances (+/-).005″.003″<.003″
Board thickness Tolerance(+/-)10%
Via Holes
Laser Micro Vias0.004 *0.003 *0.002 *
Blind Vias.0063″.0063″.0063″
Buried Vias.0063″.0063″.0063″
Via Holes Under PADYesYesYes
Laser DrillPendingPendingPending
Mechanical Drill Vias.0063″.0063″.0063″
Tented ViasCoated with LPICoated/PluggedCoated/Plugged
Silver Conductive Via FilledYesYesYes
Copper Conductive Via FilledYesYesYes
Non-Conductive Via FilledYesYesYes
Copper Plated Plugged Vias (80%) .008″ MinYesYesYes
Automated Planarization CapabilityYesYesYes
Automated Planarization Capability* Laser Drilling outsourced
Scoring (Jump)YesYesYes
Scoring (Jump) Min length 1″YesYesYes
Scoring Webb .014 +/- .003 MinYesYesYes
Routed/Plated EdgesYesYesYes
Routed/Plated Pockets & Cuts OutsYesYesYes
Z-Depth Routing (Plated Pockets & Cutouts)YesYesYes
Cavities (Plated & Non-Plated)YesYesYes
LPI (Liquid Photo Imagable Soldermask)YesYesYes
Soldermask ColorsAll Avail. ColorsAll Avail.ColorsAll Avail.Colors
Soldermask TypeLPILPILPI
Dry Film SoldermaskYesYesYes
Minimum Mask Clearance (LPI) Per Side.003″.002″.001″
Minimum Mask Clearance (Dry Film).003″.003″.003″
Minimum Soldermask Thickness (LPI).0005″.0004″.0004″
Minimum Soldermask Thickness (Dry Film).003″.003″.003″
Soldermask Web Minimum (LPI).004″.003″.003″
Soldermask Web Minimum (Dry Film).010″.008″.008″
Silkscreen/Legend ColorsAll Avail. ColorsAll Avail. ColorsAll Avail. Colors
Silkscreen/Legend Feature Size.008″ W X .030 H Min..008″ W X .030 H Min..008″ W X .030 H Min.
FlatnessIPS StandardIPC StandardIPC Standard
Electrical Testing
Netlist TestingYesYesYes
Flying ProbeYesYesYes
Clamshell FixtureYesYesYes
Netlist IPC-356AYesYesYes
Controlled Impedance
Controlled Impedance TestingYesYesYes
TDR Tester (Polar Instruments)YesYesYes
Impedance tolerance (+/-)10%5%2.50%
Genesis 2000YesYesYes
FTP SiteYesYesYes
Certifications & Standards
AS9100 CertifiedYesYesYes
ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedYesYesYes
MIL-PRF-31032 CertifiedPending late 2011Pending late 2011Pendind late 2011
ITAR RegisteredYesYesYes
IPC StandardsYesYesYes
IPC-6012 Class 1,2,& 3YesYesYes
IPC-6013 Class 1,2,& 3YesYesYes
IPC-6018 Class 1,2 & 3YesYesYes
MIL-PRF-55110 Certified FR4/GFNYesYesYes
MIL-PRF-55110 Certified Polyimide/GINYesYesYes
Certified Etchback On Mil-PRF-55110YesYesYes

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