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Rush PCB UK is the leading manufacturer of Metal Core PCBs. With experience of manufacturing different types of boards for more than two decades, we can deliver complex and intricate circuit boards that others will not even attempt. Visit our website today for an instant quote.

What are Metal Core PCBs

As the name suggests, Metal Core PCBs have a metal core—mostly aluminum, but sometimes copper, and steel alloy. The use of the metal core is expressly for removing heat from critical board components generating heat. The base material, the metal core,  is an alternative for FR4 or CEM3 in regular boards. This is because the metal core is a far better conductor of heat than FR4 and CEM3 are, and performs much better at high temperatures.

Metal Core PCB

Although copper has a higher thermal conductivity and is better at conducting heat,  aluminum metal core PCBs are more in demand because of their lower cost. Metal core PCBs with steel alloy are necessary when the board must be very robust.

Metal Core PCB Types

Depending on your application, we can make different types of metal core PCBs:

  • Single-Sided Metal Core PCB
  • Two-Layer Metal Core PCB
  • Multi-Layer Metal Core PCB

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    We make single-sided metal core PCBs with aluminum or copper core at the bottom of the board. A thin layer of prepreg dielectric substrate insulates the copper tracks from the metal core. The dielectric polymer substrate layer has high thermal conductivity to ensure good heat transfer from the component to the metal core. It is possible to mount the single-layer metal core PCB on the chassis with screws through mounting holes.

    Single Layer Metal Core PCB

    If the circuit is more complex than what a single-layer metal core PCB can handle, we can make a two-layer single-sided metal core PCB that allows routing in the second layer. Both layers are on the same side of the metal core. We provide vias and plated through holes to interconnect the two layers.

    Single Sided 2 - Layer Metal Core PCB

    If you need component mounting on both sides of the board, we can make a two-layer metal core PCB. This board will have the two layers symmetrically placed around the metal core. We provide vias and plated through holes for interconnecting the two layers.

    Double Sided 2 - Layer Metal Core PCB

    For boards with more complex circuitry, we offer multi-layer metal core PCBs. We distribute the layers symmetrically around the metal core. The outer surfaces of the board carry the mounted components, while the inner layers help in routing tracks. We provide vias and plated through holes for interconnecting the multiple layers.

    Double Sided Multi - Layer Metal Core PCB

    Benefits of Metal Core PCBs

    Metal Core PCBs offer substantial benefits like:

    • Ensuring the reliability and longevity of the electronic circuit on the board.
    • Quick heat removal from heat-producing components, preventing thermal runaway.
    • Helps in heat management, thereby ensuring maximum performance.
    • About 8 to 9 times better than FR4 boards for dissipating heat.
    • Prevents localized heating of components by distributing the heat through the core.
    • Aluminum metal core PCBs are lighter than ceramic boards.
    • Metal substrates are long-lasting.
    • Appropriate for applications in rugged conditions like excessive vibration.

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