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Rush PCB UK is the foremost PCB printing company in the UK. With more than twenty years of experience in circuit board printing and manufacturing custom printed PCBs, we provide very high-quality boards for all types of applications involving industrial, commercial, military, and consumer electronics.

Whatever may be your requirement for PCB printing, we provide our customers with the top quality boards. We make all types of print PCBs:

Methods of PCB Printing

Depending on the application, we employ photolithographic methods or direct printing of the circuit for custom printed PCBs.

PCB Printing Uk

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    Photolithographic PCB Printing

    In this method, we cover the copper clad with a photo-sensitive film known as the resist.  The resist is a layer of photo-reactive chemicals that can harden after exposure to ultraviolet light. The resist allows the fabricator achieve a perfect match between the photos of the circuit and what the fabricator prints to the photoresist.

    Once the fabricator has lined up the film and the resist on the laminate, using reference holes, they expose the combination to ultraviolet light. As the UV light passes through the transparent parts of the film, it hardens the photoresist under it. This protects the copper underneath as required traces. On the other hand, the black ink in the film prevents UV light from reaching the areas that will be removed.

    Direct Printing

    In this method, rather than use films to control the amount of light falling on the resist, the fabricator uses a computer-generated image to expose the resist with UV light.

    Drilling and Etching

    Once the fabricator has exposed the resist using either one of the two above methods, they wash the board with an alkaline solution to remove the leftover photoresist not exposed to UV light, and let the board dry.

    The fabricator then proceeds to drill the custom printed PCB for via and other holes. They then form the walls of the via by electroplating.

    Before the PCB printing process can continue, the fabricator must remove the extra copper. They expose the board to a chemical etching process. The chemical etching process removes all unprotected copper from the board, leaving only the necessary copper traces and pads.

    Depending on the print PCB, we may resort to subtractive or additive methods for fabricating the board. While we use the above subtractive method of fabrication for most PCB printing, for HDI boards, we exclusively use additive methods, as this allows more accurate, thinner, and more well-defined traces.

    Custom Printed PCB

    Therefore, whether your requirement is for regular print PCBs, or you are looking for high definition interconnect boards, Rush PCB UK has your requirement covered. We will give you high density boards with well defined printed circuits to enable you to reach your objectives with an eye to time to market.

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