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Rush PCB is your one-stop shop for all types of PCBs and PCB Assembly. We specialize in:

  • Engineering Prototype Assembly
  • Engineering Prototype Assembly
  • Medical Assembly
  • Box-Builds
  • Short Run Assembly
  • Medium Run Assembly
  • Long Run Assembly
  • Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Partial Turn-Key Assembly
  • Full Turn-Key Assembly

Assembly Capabilities

At Rush PCB, our engineers use your design, orient individual parts on the PCB using automated machinery, solder the assemblies, test them, and return the finished PCBs to you.

If you need only assembly, and provide all the parts for the PCB, we will provide the labor. For Partial Turn-Key Assembly, you provide the parts you can, while we procure the balance and provide the labor for the assembly. We procure all the parts for Full Turn-Key Assembly, and provide the labor for the assembly.

For ensuring precision in repeated installations, we use automated machines to place individual parts on the PCB before soldering them using the appropriate wave or reflow process.

We can handle:

  • Surface Mount Technology Soldering
  • Plated Through Hole Devices Soldering
  • Mixed Component Placement & Soldering—using SMD and PTH components

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    Our Certification

    We are certified for AS 9000 and ISO 9001-2015. Moreover, we offer ourselves as providers for all types of PCBs and PCB Assembly, and have the capability to offer a full range of skills starting from designing, prototyping, and supplying PCB and PCB assemblies for full volume production.

    Trust us; we maintain and follow a Quality Management System. We track all our vendors to ensure quality products from them, while we make sure that we are maintaining the quality for our customers. Our quality standard remains on par with global benchmarks. For this, we conform to the following international quality certificates:

    • IPC-A-610 CLASS 1-2-3
    • ESD Safe Work Place
    • J Std 001E Class I, II, and III
    • FPF HDBK-263
    • UL Approved

    Our Services

    Rush PCB is a leading electronics solutions manufacturing company. Founded in 1997, we have the capability to cater to a wide segment of PCB manufacturing services. Over the last two decades, we have partnered with various enterprises across a wide range of industries such as consumer and automotive electronics, gaming, RF and wireless, nuclear, defense, and aerospace.

    We endeavor to provide the following services:

    • Complete satisfaction to our customers
    • Fastest turnaround in the industry
    • 24×7 support

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