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PCB Prototype Services from Rush PCB UK

Rush PCB UK makes it easy for you to get prototypes made—just use our PCB Prototype Services. We have PCB design experts who can satisfy your requirements for any type of PCB prototypes you may require—whether single-, double-, or multi-layered boards, to HDI or High Definition Interconnect with blind, buried, and micro-via boards. PCB Prototype Service from Rush PCB UK is quick and efficient way for you to get prototype PCBs at a price you can afford.

Rush PCB is a leader in PCB Prototype Service in the United Kingdom. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, and for that we pay necessary attention to detail. We fabricate a complete and accurate PCB prototype as a sample circuit board meeting your specifications. Your designers can test the sample board and make necessary changes before we decide on the full manufacturing process. Please note, testing the prototype and making necessary modifications is an important step that can prevent extremely expensive errors further on.

Prototype PCB

How Our PCB Prototype Service Works

We start by using your schematic and net list data in our CAD Software for preparing the specific layout for the prototype. Also. we use your Gerber data to make films for the prototype PCB.

We then select the material for the circuit board and start the drilling and etching processes for generating the copper traces on each layer.

Once we finish bonding all the layers, we test the circuit.

If you require, we take up the Prototype PCB Assembly.

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    (You can upload gerber files (max 5MB) in Compressed format [ZIP, RAR, TAR, TGZ, 7Z, WIM], BOM/P&P files [ XLS , DOC, CSV, PDF, TXT] and CAD/CAM files [SCH, SCHDOC, CAM, BRD, PCB, PCBDOC, DXF, DWG, HPGL, STEP, STP, PRJPCB, DSN, ASC,JOB])

    Benefits of Using PCB Prototype UK

    With our PCB Prototype Service, you can easily reduce the time for fabricating your sample board significantly. Our services for PCB prototype in Europe take care of all activities related to fabrication, making you independent of additional service suppliers.

    An accurate and reliable PCB prototype can make it easier for your engineers to test and verify their design, and to make the necessary changes to make the design better. A good Prototype PCB Assembly really has no substitute for design verification.

    Types of PCB Prototype Services

    Rush PCB UK offers a wide range of PCB Prototype Services. Whether you require single- or double-layer boards in low volumes, complex multi-layered boards, or High Definition Interconnect boards, we can fabricate them for you.

    Our PCB Prototype Service has no hidden charges. We will not charge you anything extra if you want a few more holes drilled or for any other specific requests. Therefore, for most of the cases, you pay as per our quotation.

    As soon as your designers have tested and verified the prototype, we can immediately move into manufacturing and assembly. The process does not require any extra effort from your side.

    Whatever your requirement, take advantage of the high-quality Prototype PCB UK Services from Rush PCB UK. Simply give us a call, and we will discuss your project.

    Inputs for PCB Prototypes Services

    Rush PCB offers a full range of Prototype Services to fit all your PCB needs. We accept all PCB file formats for PCB fabrication. We accept your schematic files and net list, or if you have designed the board with CAD, we accept Gerber files in RS-274-X format. When sending your Gerber files, please ensure the package contains:

    • GTL or Gerber Top Layer
    • GTO or Gerber Top Overlay
    • GTS or Gerber Top Solder
    • GBL or Gerber Bottom Layer
    • GBO or Gerber Bottom Overlay
    • GBS or Gerber Bottom Solder
    • GKO or Gerber Keepout Layer
    • DRD or Excellon Drill File

    In addition to the above files, we will also need inputs from you such as:

    PCB Thickness—Our standard thicknesses are 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm, and 2.4 mm. Please contact us for other thicknesses.

    Minimum Track Width/Spacing—We offer 4/4 mil, 5/5 mil, 6/6 mil. Please contact for other sizes.

    Minimum Hole Size—We offer 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm. Please contact for other sizes.

    Finished Copper Thickness—We offer 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz on outer layers and 1 oz and 1.5 oz on inner layers. Please contact for other sizes.

    Surface Finish—We offer HASL with and without Lead, Immersion gold, Hard gold, and OSP. Please contact for others.

    Solder Mask—We offer green, blue, and red colors. Please contact for other colors.

    Silkscreen Color—We offer White, Black, Colorless. Please contact for others.

    PCB Prototype Services Quality Control

    At Rush PCB UK, we use highest quality substrates that will endure harsh environments. We employ camera-controlled drilling for hole position accuracy. Our diversified processing technology uses gold plating and gold finger processing for PCB prototype UK. We use high quality ink and printing technology to ensure all legends are clear and readable.

    Moreover, we subject our products to strict checking and testing. We employ AOI or Automated Optical Inspection and X-ray inspection for complicated boards. We also conduct electrical tests on our boards to ensure there are no hidden shorts.

    Our SMD stencils also undergo real-time process control checks and tests. We monitor the stencil cutting process in real-time for every aperture. Then we subject the stencil to optical checks and it also must undergo verification of manufacturing tolerances.

    Contact Rush PCB UK today for your requirements of PCB Prototype in UK and Europe.

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