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New Customer PCB Order Special – One time offer

2 layer 3 pcs ₤10.00 ea, 4 Layers 3 pcs ₤20.00 ea – 5 working days

Free Tooling, Solder Mask, & Silk screen.

This special offers apply to new customers only.

One offer per company. Valid Company name required. Offer cannot combine with any other special offer.

1st Time Special Fabrication Specifications
Price per board
Minimum Quantity
Service Charge
Elec. Testing
Material & Finish
2 Layers
₤ 10.00 ea.
7 Working Days
3 Pcs
HAL Finish & FR-4
4 Layers
₤ 20.00 ea.
7 Working Days
3 Pcs
HAL Finish & FR-4
  • Specs: FR4, 1.6mm thick ,1 Oz Cu., Leaded Finish, Smd pitch minimum 20thou”, smallest hole 15 thou, all Plated holes, smallest trace/space 7 thou, Green LPI Mask, top or both sides silkscreen, Individual board with Single circuit design and No Multiple images of boards.
  • File type: 274x required. No paint & scratch file allowed.rd/Net term upon approval. We accept American Express, Visa and Master card. Credit card will be charged at the time of the order. Please note that we process this job immediately for our internal panelization process thus order once placed cannot be cancelled or changed. This order can only be placed thru our website. Jobs not meeting the above specs will be requoted . Any other discount or promotion not available.
  • If your job requires Gold, Cutouts/Slots, Internal Routing, Multiple Parts, Step & Repeat, Scoring, Tab & Route, UL Marking, or other requirements, please use our Quote/Order for full selection.
    Inquires: All inquires for the above protos to be made at sales@rushpcb.co.uk or call us at 0203 750 0201

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