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Advancements in PCB Designs: Shaping Future Technologies

We know the importance of PCBs in our tech-savvy world. The continual advancements in modern technology creates a need for continual advancements in printed board circuits. There is a demand for smaller, more elegant, and dependable PCB designs. These new designs are used from PC manufacturing to new medical technology. The constant development of new printed board circuit designs allows the technology industry to keep inventing new ways to make our lives a little easier and in some cases healthier. Today, we are going to explore some of the advancements that we are already benefitting from and what is in store for the future of the PCB Fabrication Industry.
Board Cameras are now being used in medicine to make diagnostic testing much more comfortable for patients. Instead of a large, uncomfortable scope or camera being inserted into the area of the body that is being examined, the patient can now swallow a camera that will collect the necessary information that a physician needs to make a diagnosis. One example of this is called Capsule Endoscopy, the patient will swallow the disposable “pill” which will take up to fifty thousand pictures of your digestive tract. The pill travels out of the body through a bowel movement and can be flushed away.
Vertical Conductive Structures (VeCS) is the invention of Joan Tourné will offers a less expensive alternative for challenging fan-out projects to fine-pitch grid array components. Although still in the testing phase of development, Tourné states “Not only can we achieve higher interconnection density by packing more vertical connections in a smaller space, at the same time we can increase conductor router channel density under grid array components.” He continues to explain that PCB Fabricators will not experience additional cost with this method since the technology required is already being used by high-end shops after the appropriate training and licensing. We will have to wait and see if this new method will prove beneficial to the PCB Fabrication industry.
GaNonCMOS project consortium is currently working on a project that will use energy efficiency using GaN power switches and CMOS drivers. Collaboration on this project began in January 2017, the goal is to work with optimized embedded printed circuit boards creating integrated power components for less expensive, better-functioning systems. That sounds wonderful, let’s hope that it works!
Newer, better, stronger. PCB designs are the backbone of any electronic device. They provide us the ease of access to information around the world, they allow us to stay in constant contact with our loved ones and are beginning to play a vital role in medical technology. Smaller, elegant, smarter. PCB Fabricators are constantly challenged to create innovative boards to further our thirst for the technological and make our world an easier place to live.

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Global Electronics Up and Coming Technology

Global Electronics Up and Coming Technology

Global Electronics Up and Coming Technology

It makes sense that electrical engineering has reached every corner of the world.  It seems that every time you turn around there is a new quicker and efficient way to create computerized electronic devices.  Countries around the world have joined this ever-growing trend of electronical advances to claim their stakes in the rewards and benefits that are reaped from this industry.  Global technology is rather unique in the sense that citizens of every country can enjoy its products regardless of the its country of origin, it’s out there for the masses and we are certainly happy about that!

New Industrial IoT Starter Kit Has Been Introduced: Streamlining Smart Devices and Cloud

Avnet, Inc. one of the world’s largest global distributor of electronics released an industrial IoT starter kit that streamlines smart devices and the cloud “Avnet MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit”. This kit comes with equipped with everything you need straight out of the box to simplify the client’s prototype and development process making it faster so you can get to the fabrication process smoothly so your project can be completed that much sooner.  It includes;

  • MicroZed 7010 SoM that is based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC and pre-loaded with Wind River’s new Pulsar Linux operating system
  • IBM Watson IoT agent
  • MicroZed Adruino Carrier Card
  • Pluggable sensors:  Motion and Environmental Sensor Board from STMicroelectronics and Thermocouple-to-Digital Pmod sensor model from Maxim Integrated
  • Ethernet, USB and power cables
  • A free trial of IBM Bluemix services

To learn more visit Design World, you will find the information you are looking for.

Modulator Drivers Advances to 64Gbaud

M/A-COM Technology Solutions “MACOM” has introduced a revolutionary 64Gbaud quad-channel linear Mach Zehnder modulator driver which is the first of its kind, the “MAOM-006428”.  It was designed to handle data rates of 400 Gbps and more using one wavelength for large communications utilizing coherent technology.  Its features include

  • Surface mount inputs
  • G3PO outputs
  • Linear performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact form

You can also learn more about this by visiting Design World.

Solving Industrial Issues One Idea at a Time

36-V op amps “TSB572”and “TSB611” are single volt amps that have been designed to supply GBW/Icc capability allowing around five times less supply current than standard op amps.  They are perfect for vehicle radio systems and electronic control units.  Their features include;


  • Rail-to-Rail inputs
  • Rail-to-Rail outputs
  • 2.5MHz GBW
  • 1.5mV max input-offset voltage
  • Stability with capacitive loads
  • High resistance to phase reversal
  • Voltage range from 4.0V to 36V


  • 560kHz GBW
  • Can function from voltage as low as 2.7V
  • Unity-gain-stable device
  • Very low input-offset voltage of 1mV
  • Operating current of 125uA (maximum) at 36V

Visit Design World if you are interested in finding out more.

We look forward to the new electronic technological advancements that are to come, and they definitely will.  We have only scratched the surface of the new and exciting designs that are guaranteed to amaze and excite us.  They are just around the corner.

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