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18 Absolutely Awesome Raspberry Pi Creations Anyone Can Do

If you’ve been thinking about diving into the wonderful world of the Raspberry Pi, there are so many incredible creations possible. In fact, with this small computer device, people are setting their creative caps firmly on their heads and taking their ideas to new heights.

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer device that can be connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and is a potent way for people of all ages to learn about computers and programming, and they are returning some absolutely awesome results.

Now that the Raspberry Pi 2 was released in February, with its improved processing (now with a 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortext-A7 CPU) and 1 GB of RAM, it could be easy to wonder what possible things you can do with it. Well, here are 18 things other people have done and they should give you some wonderful starting points for creations and uses of your own.

  • A Personalize Case. When you first get your Raspberry Pi, you’ll notice it’s not the most attractive little unit, and it needs some protection. You can certainly purchase a case of your own or make one. Some people are using basic cardboard or wood and building their own unique cases. Why not try yours on for size.
  • LED Display. One ambitious individual, Josh Fuerst, built scrolling desktop LED display. This is a great way to make your own personalize clock, set your own messages you want to scroll, and make your home desk a bit livelier. (Credit: Josh Fuerst)
  • Your Own Customized Media Centre. It may be inexpensive, but it’s no pushover, especially when it comes to media. Using the XBMC application, you can turn you Raspberry Pi into a place to watch movies, check out videos, and listen to your favourite music.
  • Touchscreen Dashboard for Your Car. If you can’t afford a high-tech touchscreen dashboard system for your car, make one yourself. Using the XBMC application, listen to music, rely on navigation, or just enjoy the awesome coolness it adds to your automobile.
  • A Personal Computer. Well, the Raspberry Pi is a computer, so why not put it to good use? Hook up your monitor, keyboard, and mouse and rely on the basic Python or even Linux based operating systems to get started. (Credit: Michael Davis)
  • Set Up Your Own Personal Web Server. While you’re not going to be able to host a site with hundreds of hits a day, this could be a great way to host a landing page or some other unique assets without major monthly fees.
  • A Personal ‘Smartphone.’ With some other parts, a bit of ingenuity, and a plan, you can build your own smartphone and set up the apps you (Credit: David Hunt)
  • A Personal Tablet. Why stop with a smartphone? Keep going and build your own tablet. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars for an iPad when you have the Raspberry Pi and some guidance from those who’ve already built one. (Credit: Michael Castor)
  • Home Automation. With just a small Raspberry Pi, some ingenuity, and a bit of extra gear you could completely automate your home right now. Turn on and off lights and other devices remotely. Or program them when you’re away.
  • An Audiobook Player. If you love listening to audio books, you can make a one-button player that makes it so easy to listen to them without fussing around with mp3 players. (Credit: Michael Clemens)
  • Talking Toys. You can take your average, ordinary toy and turn it into something that talks. Just imagine the kind of fun you could have with children, friends, or even as a gag with coworkers. The Raspberry Pi is small enough to fit into many toys.
  • Reinvigorate that Microwave in Your Kitchen. If you have some technical ability and the desire, you could swap out some of the inner parts of your microwave oven and create a voice controlled system. Why stop there, though? Add a barcode scanner and program in the exact time certain food items should be cooked for. (Credit: Nathan Broadbent)
  • Portable Pi Game Console. This will require a bit more in-depth workmanship, but with some ingenuity and a few extra parts, you could create your very own personal Pi gaming console. Use a 4.5-inch screen, some buttons and a joy stick and you’ll be ready to tackle the galaxies beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Your Own Personal Supercomputer. A ‘supercomputer’ is essentially defined as a computing device that has far more power and capability than a single computer by itself. They are usually the product of multiple systems tied and integrated together. Sound good? Why not take a series of Raspberry Pis (you can’t have too many) and connect them all together to create your own supercomputer.
  • Automated Pet Feeder. For those who simply want to make sure their cats (or dogs) are fed on time every time, you could use your Raspberry Pi to build an automated pet feeder. Program it to open or turn a small fan inside a tube as a specific time interval and you’ll have completely happy pets all day long. (Credit: David Bryan)
  • FM Transmitter. If you love music and wish you could share the songs you’ve been listening to with your friends, build your own personal FM transmitter. It will send out the music to a small area, but your friends could tune in and enjoy what you’re listening to.
  • Hi-Tech Mirror. Most of us rely on a mirror when getting ready in the morning, and you can transform your mirror into a hi-tech one, complete with the time, weather, and personal messages displayed right there in front of you.
  • Bluetooth Monitoring. For parents who want to know when they’re kids are actually home, you can build a Bluetooth monitoring system that will scan and ‘check in’ those family members when they’re home. Mom or Dad could then keep track of this from wherever they are (at work, on vacation, or at the store, for example).

These are just a few incredible ideas other people have brought to the table. Now, what will you be able to do with your very own Raspberry Pi?

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