pcb printed circuit board

Superior Turn-Key Custom PCB Solutions & Prototyping

Our mission at Rush PCB UK is to provide our customers in UK and Europe with a superior turn-key custom PCB and assembly solution. We have in place Quality Management Systems that rival those of large-scale manufacturers, and we can build PCB electronic assemblies for our customers that exceed the exacting standards they demand. At the same time, our commitment to personalized service makes us more responsive to our customer’s needs, enabling us to complete our electronic custom build quickly and accurately.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries—from semiconductor production equipment to electronic vehicle manufacturers to medical equipment manufacturers—and we cater to a wide range of technologies. We offer specialized prototyping services in addition to several other solutions, allowing us to meet the customers’ PCBA needs with the quickest turnaround in the industry. Our end-to-end custom circuit boards solutions consist of:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Electronic Circuit Board Manufacturing and Testing
  • Custom Prototyping

UK’s Leading Custom PCB and Electronic Board Manufacturer

End-to-End Custom PCB Solutions

Whether our customers need accurate turn-key fabrication or the highest quality build of a rapid prototype, our expertise remains unparalleled. With more than two decades in the industry, we at Rush PCB UK know how best to build and assemble custom printed circuit boards, PCB electronic assemblies, and box builds that meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

We staff our engineering department with industry experts who fine-tune our manufacturing and testing processes for precision. We are certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and our products comply with UL 508A and IPC 610. All this allows us to claim the technical proficiency necessary for designing our customers’ electronic circuit boards.

Engineering and Design

Before we take up a project, our engineering team evaluates the data and documentation submitted by our customers. Our engineers specialize in DFM, DFA, and DFT, and apply these methodologies to ensure the project will proceed with the minimum potential issues. We review our customers’ designs for manufacturability and testability and work closely with the customer to resolve all potential issues. If necessary, we have the expertise to redesign the electronic circuit boards for our customers.

Electronic Circuit Board Manufacturing and Testing

At Rush PCB UK, we lead the industry in electronic circuit board manufacturing and assembly—we deliver the best results in the shortest possible time. We include expert engineering insights with our end-to-end custom circuit boards solutions, regardless of whether we are manufacturing PCB electronic boards for a production run or for a prototype.

Custom Prototyping

Our customers often require a prototype custom PCB for their proof-of-concept design, and usually, their requirement is urgent. To handle such custom prototyping projects, Rush PCB UK has an entirely separate team specializing in building prototypes. Our dedicated prototyping team uses a fast-tracked, limited run, quick turnaround manufacturing process to complete the custom PCB design in the shortest possible period.

For such fast custom PCB prototypes, we assign a product specialist to fast-track all the production steps. We immediately procure the parts, fabricate the custom PCB in-house, and the next day, the custom circuit board is ready for assembly.

In the meantime, out engineering staff starts work with the customer to resolve any potential design and manufacturing issues. Our product specialist evaluates the design throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensures completion of the board assembly, and ships to the customer as quickly as possible. This allows the customer to continue with their product development.


We, at Rush PCB UK, have a proven track record of working closely with our customers in UK and Europe as partners for rolling out new products into production and for providing them with proof-of-concept custom electronic circuit boards. Apart from our custom PCB manufacturing services, our fully staffed engineering department also works proactively with our customers in ensuring the successful manufacturing of a robust and repeatable design. We offer specialized prototyping services along with a host of other solutions. That enables the quickest turnaround to meet the PCB electronics needs of our customers.