Macro Pad PCBs

Enhance Productivity with Macro Pad PCBs from RUSH PCB UK

Rush PCB UK makes macro pad PCBs or printed circuit boards that resemble miniature keyboards. The major use of these miniature keyboards is to supplement the functionality of a regular keyboard by offering more options for customization. As their name suggests, users can map the keys in macro pad PCBs to specific functions or a specific sequence of keys. This way, the user can create shortcuts for specific functions while increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Types of Macro Pad PCBs

Macro Pad PCBs can be made in many sizes, shapes, and budgets. While some may have only a few programmable keys, others may be the equivalent in functionality to full-size keyboards. Macro pad PCBs may also house mechanical switches to offer users the best typing experience.

Macro pad PCBs are also useful for gaming. Users can optimize the keyboard to obtain an edge when they play games. For instance, along with the usual programmable keys, gaming macro pad keyboards may also feature advanced features, such as RGB LED lighting, built-in analog sticks, and pressure-sensitive keys.

Gaming Macro Pad Keyboard

Although these look like traditional macro pad PCBs, they are optimized for gaming. They offer the user the best performance, as they have 24 programmable keys along with two scroll-wheels.

Despite the simple looks, the gaming macro pad keyboard is an innovative technology that stands out. This is because each key can have two actuation points. With pressure-sensitive keys, users can configure the half-press to one function, while they can configure the full-press to another function.

Macro Pad PCBs

Gaming macro pad keyboards usually come with a solid build quality. A brushed aluminum frame is common, and some may even have a detachable padded wrist rest. Markings on the ABS key caps identify individual keys. Each key can also have RGB lighting. Users have the option of choosing their own key switches for the best typing experience.

With multiple actions, gaming macro pad keyboards are suitable for both gaming and office environments. The keyboard PCB is best suited for gaming because of the multiple action keys that can map two actions to a single key. The keypad is small enough to fit into a workplace while providing extended functionality to users because of their conservative design.

Mechanical Macro Pad Keyboard

These are traditional macro pad keyboards with a grid layout. Users can fit 23 keys with letters printed on them for identification. Although very simple in layout, these mechanical macro pad keyboards allow up to four layers. Therefore, the user can program the keyboard to have up to several sets of key bindings. They can also have additional function keys for switching between the layers.

Mechanical macro pad keyboard PCBs are compact, such that they can fit into limited space. With a detachable USB-C cable, the keyboard PCBs may be about 5 X 3.5 X 1.2 inches only, and is easy to transport.

The mechanical macro pad keyboard PCB is a one solution fits all, as it works beautifully for both gaming and office applications. Although there are no advanced features, the keyboard PCB gets the job done, and does not cost much.


Macro pad PCBs for keyboards are best suited for gaming, while they are fully functional for office use also. They offer users an external numbers keypad with the ability to map and remap keys and program macros. Considering its low price, the macro pad PCBs for keyboards from Rush PCB UK are a viable alternative to their more expensive rivals.