Rush PCB UK: Comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Services

Rush PCB UK offers various types of printed circuit boards under EMS or Electronic Manufacturing Services. Under our electronic manufacturing services, we undertake the complete operations for manufacturing, assembling, testing, and repairing printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronic manufacturing services involve many sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, medical, automotive, etc.:

Commercial Electronics

The commercial electronics sector requires many services such as PCB assembly, cable assembly, prototyping, contract designing, repairing, and more.

Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare and medical electronic equipment require reliability and safety in complex circuitry. All this requires a reputed electronics manufacturing service provider to obtain cost-effective quality products.

Aerospace and Defense

The military and aerospace industry always require highly durable and reliable equipment. Most electronic equipment they use face hazardous situations and must continue to function without failure. Moreover, electronic products that go into ships, aircraft, and spacecraft must ensure high security, operational performance, and traceability. Only a reputed electronics manufacturing service provider can offer excellent electronic products for aerospace and defense.


Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers

It is necessary to consider many factors when deciding on an electronic manufacturer as a suitable service provider. Of course, it depends entirely on the requirements and personal choices. However, customers must ask the manufacturer a few questions to determine whether the company is the right one for them.

Number of Years in Service

This question establishes the amount of experience the company has in the desired field. Newcomers to the field may not be able to handle complex boards and may disrupt the total planning. The manufacturer must have considerable experience in the job.

Extent of EMS

It is essential to know beforehand the extent of coverage offered. In general terms, this is also known as after-sales service.

Even after extensive prototyping and assessments, there can be problems cropping up after delivery, and in the field. It helps if the service provider can take responsibility for such cases and provide the necessary support and attention.

Product Introduction Procedure

For introducing any new product in the market, it is necessary to maintain a proper introduction procedure. The electronic manufacturing service provider must be aware of such introduction procedures and provide full support.

Product Lifecycle Surveillance

The electronic manufacturing service provider must offer product lifecycle surveillance. This must include, apart from introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stages.

During the introduction phase, the quantity of products required is usually low. The numbers pick up during the growth phase and stabilize during the maturity phase. Once the decline phase sets in, the quantity requirements will again decline. The electronic manufacturing service must be willing to support the OEM through all the lifecycle phases of the product.

Services Offered

It is very important to know all the services the electronics manufacturing service provider offers. In general, any reputed electronics manufacturing service provider will offer a wide spread of services starting from designing to repairing products. Typically, they will do everything to develop a complete and compatible electronic device. EMS providers typically stand out from their competitors by providing quality products.

Common Services

Although all electronic manufacturing service providers are different, some of the services they offer are common. These include:

  • Prototyping
  • PCB Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Contract Design
  • Testing
  • After Sales Services

Prototyping and PCB assembly are the most valuable activities concerned with any electronic device. This can involve the design and development of a printed circuit board, the purchase of electronic components, and assembly. Oftentimes, it involves deciding whether the board will use through-hole components or surface mount components. It also requires deciding whether the board will be single-, double- or multi-layered.

Cable assembly and mechanical assembly require special expertise for their execution, as a major part of this activity is manual. Not only must the work done be accurate, it must be aesthetic and reliable. The process also involves the use of standard testing stages.


Rush PCB UK is a reputable electronic manufacturing service provider. Along with our regular services, we also offer circuit simulation and prototyping, 3-D CAD, body sculpting, various technological feasibility reviews, and integrity surveys. These are only some of the fundamental contract design services we offer. Please contact us for any further details.