All-In-One Contract Electronic Assembly

Advantages of Using an All-In-One Provider for Electronics Assembly

Historically, companies used outsourced production materials from various suppliers. The need to ensure all components of the final product are brought together promptly, with consistent quality means that there is increasingly an advantage to consider using an all-in-one supplier.

Electronic systems are increasingly impacting on our daily lives. Many things that we use regularly have increasing requirements for PCBs. For example, motor vehicles historically had minimal requirements for microprocessors. However, 15-30% of the cost of modern motor vehicles is in microprocessors. There is an increasing demand for PCBs, and they need to be high-quality reliable, and cost-effective. There are several reasons for considering using a single source for electronic assembly.

Equipment Expenses

Smaller electronics companies can be challenged by a lack of funding or a lack of resources. Machinery and equipment are constantly being upgraded. Larger companies can budget for regular updates of their equipment, while companies that don’t offer a comprehensive service may struggle to afford the newer equipment. As a result, they may be less capable of providing the highest quality and most cost-effective products.  In contrast, larger manufacturers will be able to amortize the cost of upgraded equipment over a shorter time frame and can upgrade more frequently.

Larger Scale Production Runs

Contract manufacturers with more up-to-date equipment are more likely to have the scale and capacity for delivery of larger production runs and will be able to meet your requirements for timely delivery.

Integrated Quality Control

Quality control is an essential aspect of PCB manufacture. An all-in-one provider will work with you through the design, testing, and printing processes to ensure that your printed PCBs meet the market requirements and that the device that the PCBs used in functions in line with your plans.

Options for Sourcing Components

An all-in-one provider will have a wide range of components that ensure the parts you require are readily available. While many companies can provide components that are of a similar standard. The cost per unit may be insignificant, but the overall cost of production may provide significant financial benefits.

Integration of Prototyping

Many manufacturers do not provide prototyping. The need to use a third party for prototypes will add time and potential risk to your project. Using an all-in-one provider will allow for more effective iterative design from the prototype, allowing more control over the design process.

Special Requirements

In the past decade, there have been significant changes in board design. You may require a board with SMT. Maybe your board needs to be a Flex or Rigid Flex design. It could be that you need special requirements based on the environment that your board will be used in. Dusty, hot, damp, or cool environments may all affect performance. An all-in-one provider will understand these issues, and plan your production to meet your special requirements.

When you weigh up all the factors, you will see that it makes sense to use an electronics assembly provider who can provide an all-in-one service.