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The importance of electronic manufacturing is evident in our everyday lives, especially when working with miniaturized electronics.  It is essential to their assembly to use High-Density Interconnects (HDI) to ensure that devices work properly.  Without them, smart device and tablets would be non-existent, can you imagine where would be without them? At Rush PCB, we understand those requirements and have incorporated this technology in the basic fabrication of the Printed Circuit Board and their connections to the components the correct way every time.  We treat each fabrication on an individual basis, paying special attention to the requirements of that specific Board.  It’s this attention to detail that makes Rush PCB the right choice for your PCB fabrication needs.

Electronic Manufacturing

Fine Pitch

The Fine Pitch components are a part of our Surface Mount Technology (SMT), which requires the PCB miniaturization characteristics, which can be quite challenging, it is not a fabrication that can be completed by just anyone.  Here at Rush PCB, our engineers consistently fabricate Printed Circuited Boards with SMT efficiently and within the deadline that has been specified by our client. The pride we take in our work shines through with every PCB we fabricate.  With HDI the reduction in size and weight go excellently with the greater density of surface mount components their benefits include;

  • Tight Tolerances (Ensuring that production time and cost are both kept at a minimum)
  • Traces and Pads are densely spaced
  • Multiple Layers on a Single PCB
  • Micro-Vias to Carry Signals from One Layer to Another

HDI Design Advantages


The smaller size and weight of HDI circuitry mean that the circuit boards fit into smaller spaces and have less mass than conventional printed circuit designs, they require professionals who are not only comfortable working with the smaller space available but are able to successfully fabricate them with the space allotted. The smaller size and weight also contributes to less chance of damage from mechanical shocks which makes them a favorable option.

HDI Assembly

The compact topography of the PCB demands the most accurate placement of the components and requires the BGAs and Flip Chips to receive special soldering techniques and added steps in the assembly and rework (repair) process.  Our engineers are among the most trusted experts in High-Density Interconnects, calling Rush PCB first ensures that your HDI assembly will be completed on time and correctly.


Rush PCB has over fifteen years’ experience in Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, design and assembly.  Our flexibility and expertise are evident in every PCB that we make, don’t put off the fabrication of your Printed Circuit Board any longer, contact us to learn how we can help you. Our engineers will be pleased to assist you with the engineering and design of your HDI PCBs.  Don’t wait, call us today to find out everything you need to about our electronic manufacturing process, you’ll be glad you did!

For more information, contact us at sales@rushpcb.co.uk or call us at 0203 750 0201, we will be happy to help you!