PCB Assembly Reliability

Ensuring PCB Assembly Success

Although there is a distinct difference between PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, Rush PCB has experienced personnel to handle both. We ensure that you get a quality solution, whether you get your PCBs fabricated by us, allow us to assemble components on your PCBs, or both.

At Rush PCB, we make sure the solution to your problem is both cost-effective as well as high in quality. We make this possible by paying due attention to our processes, acting as a consultant to our customers, and offering effective suggestions both for assembly as well as for other aspects such as design and best practices.

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

The process of PCB assembly comes after the PCB fabrication is over. However, Rush PCB recommends customers begin their consultations with their PCB assembly partner early in the process. This is necessary because the PCB assembler can provide important inputs before and during the design stage, as they have accumulated vast experience and expertise. Not consulting them in the early stages may require incorporating these modifications later, a step that could prove not only expensive, but also delay you from going to market.

Selecting an Assembler

Therefore, Rush PCB recommends customers to choose their PCB assembler wisely. It is always wise to look for multiple suppliers who can assemble your PCB, so that you have a backup in case your assembler discontinues production for whatever reason.

Offshore vs. Onshore

While an offshore PCB assembler can be cheaper than an onshore supplier, the former may have several hidden costs. A delay in delivery or receiving low quality products can easily offset the low initial cost, forcing you to factor them in your product pricing.

File Formats

It is important that the PCB assembler understands the file formats you will be sending over to them—not all assemblers use all file formats. This is one more reason Rush PCB recommends customers to begin consulting their assembler at the early stages of design. Making sure the PCB assembler is comfortable with the file formats you are using can help avoid wastage of time.

Consulting Begins Early

At Rush PCB, experienced personnel can help you with the initial design and schematic creation. This has the advantage of not having issues at the later stage of assembly. Having to redo the prototype at this late stage can not only prove to be very expensive, but also the customer will lose out on precious time.

Importance of DFM

Rush PCB also recommends a Design for Manufacturing or DFM review before sending the design for a PCB assembly. A DFM review checks whether the design is easy to manufacture, and identifies issues such as those of component polarity and inadequate spacing between components. Pointing out such discrepancies at the start of the design instead of at the end saves time and a lot of expenses.

Special Requirements

Listing the special qualities of the board in the beginning helps the assembler as well as the manufacturer. A key requirement of your board may be its high current handling capability, very high frequency capability, or strong signal transmission. Keeping this requirement in view helps the design achieve it better. Of course, during the design, there may be some trade-offs that are inevitable. But enumerating the special requirement in the beginning ensures meeting the final expectations without discrepancies. The PCB assembler may also offer their recommendations.

Lead Time Factors

Both the design phase and the assembly phase will have their own lead times. Designers need to factor in these lead times to arrive at the final time to market. In addition, designers will also need to add the testing time that the PCB assembler will need to test the boards after completing the assembly Rush PCB recommends factoring in these lead times as it offers the customer as well as the assembler adequate confidence in defining the quality of the product.

Rush PCB offers dedicated PCB manufacturing and assembly, SMT PCB assembly, LED PCB assembly, Prototype PCB assembly, Mixed PCB assembly, and more services as per requirements and specifications of our customers.

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