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Five Reasons Why RushPCB is the Leading LED Board Manufacturer in UK

LED PCBs and assemblies have unique requirements that only an eminent LED PCB board manufacturer understands. One of the leading LED PCB board manufacturers in the UK, RushPCB has the technical expertise to manufacture up to 32 layers of PCBs in small and bulk quantities for local and global supplies. With several hundreds of satisfied customers all over the UK and around the globe, there are several reasons why you can safely entrust your LED PCBs to RushPCB. Five of them are:

  1. RushPCB Understands LED PCB Principles

LED Manufacturing Companies in the UK face two major areas of concern related to LED PCBs—thermal management and spillover light. Thermal management means the heat generated from high-power LEDs mounted on PCBs must be effectively removed and vented to prevent damage to the LEDs. For better heat conduction, manufacturers use metal core printed circuit boards or MCPCBs. Although this allows the heat from the LEDs to pass through the prepreg to the metal core, the issue can be a big challenge. RushPCB uses excellent metal core substrates from Univaco, Arlon, Bergquist, and Thermagon to dissipate the excess heat from the LEDs very effectively.

LEDs do not have reflectors, and the light spilling over from its rear and sides is generally wasted. LED PCB board manufacturers use a reflective white mask on the PCB surface so that the spillover light emerges from the front. It is necessary that the white-reflective mask not change color when heated during reflow or in regular use. RushPCB uses special quality material for the white mask that retains its thickness and reflective property under all assembly and operative conditions.

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  1. RushPCB Understands the PCB Bonding Process

MCPCBs require a different bonding process from conventional PCBs because the prepreg must bond to a metal core. There are two important aspects here—the thickness of the prepreg and the bonding process itself. As the prepreg is also the insulation between the metal core and the copper tracks, it must be of suitable thickness to withstand the voltages involved.

At the same time, the prepreg must also be thin enough to allow effective heat transfer from the LED to the metalcore. RushPCB uses prepregs of optimum thickness to allow very good transfer of heat, yet offer good electrical insulation. A special technique by RushPCB ensures the bonding between the prepreg and the metal core does not allow any air bubbles between them, as these air bubbles can impede heat transfer.

  1. RushPCB Offers Excellent Surface Finish

Although LED PCBs and assemblies have a metal core to enhance thermal management, there is a layer of etched copper tracks on top just as conventional PCBs do. The white mask covers most of the copper tracks leaving only the solderable pads exposed. Unless protected by surface finish, the exposed copper pads can oxidize and tarnish, making the PCB unsolderable.

RushPCB offers several types of surface finishes that protect the exposed copper surface. Depending on the customer’s requirement, these can be leaded solder, lead-free solder, Electroless nickel immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, or Organic surface protectants.

  1. RushPCB Offer the Best Laminates

Although most LED PCBs and assemblies use single-layer MCPCBs, some applications call for double or multilayer MCPCBs as well. For such multilayer MCPCBs, RushPCB uses special laminate material that offers the best balance of cost and performance. They use different laminate materials from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan, which are not only efficient but also meet emerging trend requirements.

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  1. RushPCB Offers the Best Balance of Quality, Value, and Cost

Eminent LED manufacturing companies in the UK source their LED PCBs and assemblies from RushPCB UK as they offer the best balance of quality, value, and cost in the market.