Small-Scale PCB Manufacturing

Rush PCB UK: Small-Scale PCB Manufacturing

Rush PCB UK is a one-stop manufacturer of PCBs catering to the requirements of small-scale users like electronic enthusiasts, developers, and makers. Small-scale users typically take the next step of creating a professional custom PCB board. For these users, we, at Rush PCB UK offer a unique service of full manufacturing and assembly of PCBs. So far, our services have helped more than 300,000 electronic enthusiasts in completing their projects in time.

As an enthusiast, you may have tested your circuit on a breadboard and would now like to create a small prototype run of PCB boards. You can start with one of the many circuit design and PCB design applications freely available on the web. You can choose from DesignSpark PCB, Fritzing, gEDA, ExpressPCB, BSch3V, Osmond PCB, TinyCAD, ZenitPCB, PCBWeb Designer, or KiCAD, to name just a few.

Small-Scale PCB Manufacturing

Benefits of Using Rush PCB UK

We offer a one-stop small-scale PCB manufacturing and assembly service, with stringent quality control—the major benefit of using Rush PCB UK. We also offer additional services like prototyping your first boards and low-volume production. We can easily scale up the volumes when your design reaches the market. We market ourselves as one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT assemblers in the UK. We take pride in our customer services and cover all areas of manufacturing and assembling PCBs, including making prototypes. We strive to build the best possible product for our customers.

Manufacturing PCBs involves complex processes with a wide variety of different activities. However, Rush PCB UK strives to remove all complexities of PCB manufacturing and assembly for both newcomers as well as experienced customers.

Please visit our website to understand how we automate this process and to learn from our online videos about our production methods and techniques.

Using our online services, customers can easily and quickly place orders for PCB boards and assemblies. They can receive immediate updates on the production status once they have placed their order. After fabricating the boards and assembling them, we send them directly to the preferred delivery address of the customer. We also offer total tracking through the customer’s online account.

Free File-Review Service

On our website, you can order a minimum of five PCBs along with a free file review service. Our trained and professional technicians review your files to make sure the design files are ready for manufacturing before you part with your hard-earned money.

24 Hour Customer Support

We provide our customers full assistance at all times through our 24-hour customer support. Our customer support service personnel are available to respond to your telephone calls or emails promptly. Therefore, you can upload your designs from anywhere and at any time convenient to you. Our service staff will follow your order as soon as you have submitted your Gerber files, right up to the time when you satisfactorily receive your PCB boards or assembled boards.

Contact Us today to place your order for PCBs/PCBA. At Rush PCB UK, we are continually improving our service portal and our manufacturing processes.