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PCB Layout and Assembly for EV Charging Stations

With people all over the world endeavoring to give up use of fossil fuels, electric vehicles (EV) are beginning to take over the roads from vehicles using internal combustion engine. This is causing numerous charging stations to come up every day to help charge EVs. Rush PCB is driving innovations in such car charging stations by providing expert Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts, PCB manufacturing, and assembly solutions.

How EV Charging Stations Operate

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) function with a battery in the vehicle driving an electric motor. As the battery charge depletes, periodically, it becomes necessary to recharge it from EV charging stations. This is possible to do by plugging in the vehicle to a wall outlet, which an EV charging station provides.

EV Charging Requirements

Although battery technology is still progressing, electric vehicle owners demand fast charging of the battery, as they must spend the minimum amount of time at the charging station. This is forcing the electronic industry to come up with innovative solutions for car charging stations to provide them with fast and high efficiency chargers. While the electronic industry is developing new and more efficient components for achieving better charging methods, Rush PCB offers their expertise in PCB manufacturing for improved layouts, manufacturing, and assembly techniques.

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Types of EV Charging Stations

Rush PCB offers high quality PCB prototypes using the latest technology. Manufacturers make EV charging stations for homes, commercial, or for public use, and Rush PCB caters to all types of PCB requirements with multi-functionality features. Depending on your requirement of a new type of customized solution for a pedestal charging structure, a wall mounted type of charging station, or a curve/ball type of charging platform, Rush PCB has the necessary solution to offer.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Commercial EV charging stations usually demand a robust vandal resistant unit, typically providing one-way or two-way plug-in facility with customized fast-charging features. Rush PCB provides charging station manufacturers with innovative solutions for security including c/w hatch lock, overload protection, and fault current monitoring.

Challenges to PCB Manufacturing

Apart from automatic charging capabilities, commercial EV charging stations also require auto plug-in and payment facilities. These requirements are an additional challenge to the PCB manufacturer, as they require the presence of an embedded controller within the system offering Near Field Communication (NFC) and Internet capabilities for mobile payments. Rush PCB offers all the above at nominal cost of production, based on their highly efficient technology for manufacturing and assembling PCBs.

Commercial EV charging stations also require control centers with a dual facility—for optionally selecting pay-to-use or free-to-use car charging service. Additionally, one control center must manage multiple local EV charging points. Once a vehicle comes in and parks at a certain EV charging point, the control center automatically initiates the charging procedure. Rush PCB offers high quality PCBs for manufacturers of control centers, compatible with multiple charging stations.

Rush PCB Customized Design and Layout solutions

Rush PCB provides customized PCB design and layout solution for the EV charging station designer and manufacturer. We have a dedicated team of technical experts to provide an effective PCB layout for your project, and follow it up with unique assembly solutions. For realizing your market objectives, Rush PCB offers you the consigned and complete turnkey solution.

Rush PCB Customized Assembly Solutions

Rush PCB offers its customized PCB assembly using state-of-the-art techniques and machinery. We offer compact and multi-featured PCBs for the automobile industry using the latest Surface Mount Technology (SMT), but we also offer Through Hole Technology according to customer requirements. For the high-tech control systems that the EV charging stations use, we offer a complete PCB turnkey solution. If you require any type of consultation, we offer the services of our experienced technical personnel.

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