PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists In UK and Europe

Professional-Grade PCB Manufacturing for Hobbyists at Rush PCB UK

Every electronic device needs at least one printed circuit board (PCB) for it to function. Without a PCB, the device may not function as intended. For any type of PCBs, hobbyists in the UK and Europe can contact professional PCB manufacturer Rush PCB UK.

Hobbyists require different types of PCBs as they tinker with and build their own electronic projects. They can use many free applications available as tools for starting with PCB design. However, fabricating a PCB requires a professional service, and for hobbyists, this must be available at a comparable price.

PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists In UK and Europe

PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists

Hobbyists looking for PCBs at a reasonable price tag, can avail of the professional services from Rush PCB UK. We produce high-quality boards with fast turnaround times. We offer a single-window customer service, and our simplified manufacturing process offers professional-grade fabrication. The net result is that hobbyists receive a fully commercial-grade product, but at prices that hobbyists can afford.

Rush PCB UK is an open hardware community. Therefore, whether the hobbyist is just starting to learn, or an expert with a large project, or anything in-between, our professional service will cover all their needs.

High-Quality PCB Materials

Using PCBs as a hobby does not mean using low quality materials to cut corners. We provide only high-quality materials to all our customers, irrespective of whether they are from the industry or are hobbyists.

Fast Prototyping

Even hobbyists are impatient to verify their design with a completed PCB. That requires a fast turnaround time. The longer a hobbyist has to wait for their board, the less time they will have for testing their project. We always ensure that all boards are available with fast turnaround times.

We offer 24 hour turnaround times for prototype PCBs. If the board is a complex one, the turnaround time may take up to three days for the prototype. We typically take up to 10 days for production.

Single-Window Service

As with any commercial service, we also offer our hobbyist customers the benefit of our single-window service. We help the hobbyist with all their requirements for design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

At Rush PCB UK, we pride ourselves with on-time shipping. Our delivery rates are over 99%. To us, it does not matter whether the customer is a large conglomerate or a hobbyist. We always strive for on-time shipping at all costs.

Our Capabilities

We manufacture all our boards in our facilities in the UK. We have the latest facilities of the best PCB manufacturing technology available, and that makes us the most trusted PCB source for hobbyists as well. Our capabilities are:

  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10-layer boards
  • 4-mil trace/spacing
  • 062” thick FR-4 PCB material
  • ENIG or HASL finish
  • White legend on green solder mask
  • Assembly on both sides

Innovative Simplified Manufacturing Process

Most customers prefer to keep the manufacturing process as simple as possible, but innovative. Our environmentally-friendly-initiatives offer a simplified manufacturing process that results in a seamless transition to superior products. Our manufacturing process requires less water, and our manufacturing philosophy use the idea of reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Professional-Grade Fabrication Services

We manufacture all our products with a professional-grade fabrication process. Just because we are manufacturing for hobbyists, we do not skip out on any part of the manufacturing process that we give to commercial products. With our innovative processes, we increase the capabilities of any PCB design.

We always strive to make our products function optimally. To this end, we offer comprehensive testing and inspection for all our products, including those of hobbyist PCBs also. Our expertise is available to make sure the board will function the first time as planned. For this we offer:

  • Free BOM checks
  • Free DFM checks
  • Free DFA checks

For hobbyists willing to take their projects to the next level, Rush PCB UK is always available. Our professional-grade services will endeavor to bring the PCB hobbyist projects to life.