Role of PCBs on future smartphones and robot technology

The Future of PCBs in Smartphones and Robot Technologies

Every year, smartphones and portable electronic devices hit the market promising the customers of a better future on the features and functionality and features of the components. Moreover, the robot technology has advanced significantly over years and a better future is foreseen in the same especially with the use of Printed Circuit Boards. In both smartphones and robot technologies, PCBs and the hardware inside make the operation of the component or device easier. The robotics and the smartphone industry are in a constant state of flux with the range of products changing depending on the environment and the operating specifications. Comparatively, the assembly calls for self-configuring and extremely flexible automatic devices which can be achieved by the use of a PCB. It is, therefore, clear that PCBs play crucial roles in the smartphone and robot technologies and they have a promising future in the same.

As an example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was introduced to the market to deliver better NFC performance at higher radio frequencies. This is possible through the use of a chip that is small in size and operates with a double range in the card emulation and reader modes. Moreover, updating a smartphone or any other electronic component demands the delivery of more secure and safer features which can be added to the existing component. This calls for the improvement in the functionality of PCB with each new device continuously using PCB in their operation. Equally significant, apart from helping manufacturers incorporate entirely new features of smartphones, PCBs have played a role in helping reduce the size of the smartphone with much smaller phones expected to hit the market soon. Moreover, the smartphone industry promises that PCBs will in the future be bonded with a plastic bond so as to help achieve the desired thinness, weight, flexibility and reducing the number of connections. If you need a perfect PCB with high efficiency to help you achieve some of these features, please visit us at and place your quote today.

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The application of PCBs in the robot technology began long ago with the invention of the first electronic autonomous robots with complex behavior by William Grey Walter. The hardware of a robot is constructed from a PCB as shown above. The PCB also serves as the chassis, motor and wheel, battery pack, infrared sensor and as a smartphone.  Currently, with the advancement of technology, the robot platform uses a smartphone and a microcontroller. The smartphone’s sensors navigate the robot thus facilitating its flexibility and adaptability. Future technology promises the use of PCB on robots to provide for adapters connected to a robot to provide 3D printing. It is crucial to recall that previous robots were equipped with a FPGA, Gumstix Overo board and a microcontroller. However, with the use of Printed Circuit Boards, it is possible to integrate different categories of sensors, a display (user input buttons) and a camera. To ensure consistency in any data signal send, modern robots have PCBs which act as communication protocols with the first byte sent being a protocol byte and it indicate that driving commands are being transmitted. Sequentially, the robot can respond to various questions, gestures and responses by the use of several chips and sensors mounted on the PCBs which are used in its assembly. Better robots with the ability to perform human duties perfectly are expected to hit the market due to the consistent applicability of the rapidly and ever growing PCB technology in the industry.

On the other hand, in smartphones, PCBs are used to provide a high-quality integrated camera which enables it to take pictures in any environment. Moreover, to facilitate communication with other devices, modern smartphones are equipped with several interfacing components like NFC, USB, Blue-tooth and WiFi. Comparatively, the integrated touch display and the OS (Operating System) provide a user interface easing the use and efficiency of the device. All these tools combine to form a perfect and powerful smartphone which can be adjusted to be used in various robots which do not require sophisticated machinery to operate and manufacture. Such robots are the basic soccer application robot which is simple and easy to integrate.

The dilemmas for any product designer is the incorporation of the latest components in any design products and at the same time reduce the heat production and energy consumption as well. Luckily, with the invention of the rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards, it is now possible for one to tweak the PCB design to come up with a perfect and permanent solution for the creation of a robot or smartphone with the desired characteristics. Moreover, the via hole construction in a PCB, the placement of components and the PCB laminate choice one one’s boards using the modern technology enables one to produce a Printed Circuit Board with a very high efficiency and meets the given specifications. As if that is not enough, advancement in technology will enable designers to easily use better PCB design software to perfect on the circuit board layouts and submit the design files with ease using Gerber Files or better ones so that manufacturability checks are easily done. In the same token, it will be possible to corrections on any DFM errors on a PCB with ease thus facilitating the production of highly efficient PCBs which can be used in the robot or smartphone technology.It is, therefore, safe to conclude that PCB manufacturers and design hold and determine the future of the design and capability of smartphones and the robot technology.

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