Checklist for selecting a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Selecting the Best PCB Assembly Provider: A Checklist by RUSHPCB

Are you in need of a PCB, or a PCB supplier checklist or do you have problems in selecting the best PCB provider? We at RUSHPCB are always caring thus we came up with the best checklist for selecting a PCB assembly provider. The characteristics, quality, and efficiency of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) vary depending on the application and the design specifications as ordered by the customer. Moreover, the quality and effectiveness vary from one PCB assembly manufacturer to another. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that one selects the best PCB assembly provider.

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Number of suppliers needed for the Printed Circuit Boards

PCB assembly manufacturers have different production capabilities with respect to the number of PCBs they can manufacture, assembly and provide a complete design for a given period of time. We, therefore, recommend that you select an internationally recognized PCB service provider who can supply a large number of PCBs in a short period. We are one of such unique companies in the world, please place your quote today in our site and be assured of explicitly unique and perfect services. Moreover, another way of identifying the best supplier is through PCB Trade Shows where one makes face-to-face discussions with the technicians or sales representatives of the company. These shows are vital since you get a direct physical view of the products offered in the respective company. As if that is not enough, PCB suppliers who are contributing members to internationally recognized bodies like IEEC and IPC-6013 flex circuit committees and IPC-6012 rigid board have higher chances of having the best technology and design engineers that you should always try them. We are one of such companies so you should have no worries while interacting with you. We assure you of the best.

Location of the supplier

It is advisable that you select a PCB manufacturer come fabricator whose location from your business premises is as minimal as possible. This enhances flexibility and agility to the adoption hence easier adoption to changing conditions like when a deadline is approaching. Additionally, a PCB designer that is in your country or regional area is more convenient since when site surveys and studies are conducted, the expenses reduce appreciably hence increasing the profitability of the company.

Ability of the manufacturer to adhere to the design specifications

The ability of the final design product to satisfy the needs and specifications of customers depend on the functionality of the instrument used in the manufacturing process. You should always formulate a checklist before starting the search process so as to avoid wastage of time. It is crucial that you ask yourself some important questions like; does the PCB manufacturer have obsolete or new equipment? Is wave soldering well maintained?  Are their pick and place machines reflow ovens? These questions help in determining the reliability of the supplier that you are researching about.

Experience and staff certifications

Most of the assembly and general design tasks are carried out by the employees of an organization with the experience and academic credentials of individual employees varying in various companies. To ensure that the product is designed until the delivery stage, we recommend that you use companies with experienced personnel or technicians only. One can identify this by reviewing the technical credentials required to join the company as an expert in PCB assembly. However, experience is sometimes considered rather than academic credentials so for the staff members who aren’t certified, you should check the certification process to identify their progress. All our staff are academically and professionally recognized and this is one of the secrets behind our success and high ranking position in the world.

Quality systems

There are several regulations which dictate the quality and type of production of PCB that should occur for a given product depending on the application. Such bodies include ISO which is an international quality and efficiency regulator for various products and services. A company with a quality system which adheres to such systems is the best company to use since you are assured of quality and punctuality in the delivery of the final product. If you are registered in a different quality certification company, you should request the Printed Circuit Board to join your organization so that you operate from the same framework. If the manufacturer is ready to join your statutory, then it implies that they are ready for a long term relationship and such manufacturers are the best to use.

The deadline of shipping

Sometimes the assembly process may be delayed by internal challenges on the side of the manufacturer. This might cause inconveniences to the customer. One should ensure that the preferred PCB assembly manufacturer has the personnel, resources and capacity to meet your design specifications in the agreed time span. This can be through obtaining records from the manufacturer regarding their ability to meet customer’s deadlines.

PCB assembly pricing

Labor rates are different in various states and countries but international standards restrict and try to standardize the costs to nominal levels. To select the best PCB assembly manufacturer who will meet your design specifications at a logical cost, you have to do a comparison study with the aim of determining their costs with that of their major competitors. However, the quality of the PCB should not be compromised just because the supplier is cheaper. We sell our boards and design them according to your specifications.

The quality and effectiveness of the PCBs that are delivered to you by the supplier depend on the selected PCB assembly manufacturer. We at RUSHPCB ensure that each PCB and design product we deliver to you is unique and of high quality.