Value of Outsourcing Manufacturing of PCB

Efficiency Through Outsourcing: RUSH PCB’s Expertise in PCB Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards normally referred to as PCBs, can be reflected upon as a cheap and more convenient way of making devices smaller and more efficient. The printed circuit boards comprise a glass board with laminated copper strips that are used to transfer electricity and in this way, information on the board is transferred. The electronic components are connected via the laminated copper tracks. It is common knowledge that copper is a good conductor of electricity and that is why it is essential to this device. The glass used for the board where the copper is laminated is referred to as the substrate. It is non-conductive. The combination of the two; one conductive and the other a non-conductor enables the transfer of information electronically via the connected ends. A printed circuit board can be of a single layer, double-layered, and/or multilayered. The single-layered PCBs are initially very basic while the double-layered ones are a bit more sophisticated than the single-layered ones, and the multilayered are complicated by the fact that they may also include items like capacitors and/or resistors. These items are connected to the etched-out copper strips on the substrate and in the same fashion, they are embedded on it. Printed Circuit Boards offer better solutions as compared to their counterparts who are point-to-point construction and wire wraps. Are you in need of a PCB? Please visit us at   and place your quote today.

PCBs are the way to go in the present world of crafting motherboards and are present in contact lenses, gaming consoles, the new smartphones, other media devices like radios, televisions and digital cameras, personal computers amongst other devices. Printed Circuit Boards are literarily on nearly every device. A good point to note is that the copper strips are not just laminated on the glass but are and can be etched out on to other non-conductive substrates.

Outsourcing PCBs

Outsourcing is a process whereby one company hires the services of another to replicate processes that most likely were being carried out in-house or to start new processes altogether. Outsourcing is a very common trend and of which most companies that intend to make profitable in ways in their respective market niches, are expected to take part in outsourcing. The process of outsourcing may involve a small move such as hiring workers on an offsite location on a temporal basis or even moving the management and planning from the main site. The reason for this process being relied upon so heavily is the availability of markets where there are favourable conditions for businesses to cut costs and make quality products with a much faster lead time. Over time nearly every institutionalized process even those thought to be intrinsic have been outsourced. Even though it seems that outsourcing is the answer, a keener look at the whole process itself shows that if not handled properly it can lead to more costs and failure among other risks that come with outsourcing. Some of the companies that offer Electronic Manufacturing Services are known to charge the Original Electronic Manufacturer hidden charges making the venture even more challenging as compared to the process being carried out in-house. Outsourcing at times is looked at as the solution to problems that are currently affecting the company and so it only seems appropriate to handle those problems over to an expert so that they deal with them and the parent company having to deal with the issue. It should be noted that cooperation between the Original Electronics Manufacturer and the Electronics Manufacturing Services provider is adhered to. This means that they work together to solve the problem and come up with new ideas thus there is not space for the Electronic Manufacturing Services provider to have for charging more for new product development. The major reason for outsourcing being able to make its in ways in to the Information Communication sector is the reason for many other industry players have encountered: costs. Most upcoming economies such as China provide a big opportunity for companies to utilize their economies of scale, via cheap labor and readily available material but laws on intellectual property are not so much a big issue there so the company risks exposure and stealing of the brands uniqueness. As an exemplary PCB manufacturer and service provider, we are dedicated to serving you, please visit us at   and enjoy interacting with the experts

Values of Outsourcing Assembly

As aforementioned earlier, outsourcing has its pros and cons and one of the most important points to capture is that for the survival of a company to remain intact, outsourcing of the profitable processes should be the last to be outsourced. Printed Circuit Boards assembly process comprises of the following:

  • The fabrication of the board (substrate)
  • Placement of the components (resistors)

PCB with AC, resistors and a capacitor.

  • The components are then soldered to the board
  • Finally the testing for functionality is done.

The above processes are easy to have a plant built to accommodate the processes but it is much cheaper to outsource this process and in that the way the business avoids costs of having to put up a structure and maintain it. This will directly reflect on the prices of the product; it will be cheaper that if it was made in house. In turn, the company will be able to act as a barrier through undercutting the prices of their competitors. The next step is for the engineers to come up with design for the board, which will then be sent to the Electronics Manufacture Service provider to make. Without any changes, the whole process can be mechanized. Unlike wire wrap the mechanized manufacturing will most definitely increase efficiency through removal of the human  element. The PCBs will come out in a shorter period of time and in better form as the outsourcing will streamline the process of production. The removal of the human element makes sure that the errors that would have occurred are lessened by 100%. The assembly of the Printed Circuit Boards in an outsourced facility by Electronic Manufacturing Services provider helps the company free up funds which will then be used for new product development and in this way the company’s flexibility is established.

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