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RUSHPCB: Navigating Challenges in PCB Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly

Does your company engage in the design, development, and selling of amazing electronic products? Do you incorporate the latest technology in your shipping list? Do you experience difficulties trying to determine the time to spend focusing on the activities associated with the sale and supply of your goods in the market? Luckily, these are some of the major problems facing current electronic and business companies; the problem of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in determining whether to outsource part or all of the above problems to a CEM (Contract Electronics Manufacturer) or an retain in-house.

Since we at RUSHPCB understand the challenges many businesses face in designing, manufacturing and selling of electro-mechanical or electronic assemblies, we came up with this blog to help you determine how the above issues fit into your business strategy. Please visit us and learn more about us; one of the best PCB designers, manufacturers and assemblers in the world.

What is a core business activity?

There exist many articles and debates trying to discuss the meaning of core business activity. A business activity is the major source of an organization’s profit and success. This is the reason the company was established. These activities can be simplified into 6 categories; Research and Development (R&D), Procurement, Manufacturing, Test, Outbound Logistics, Sales and Marketing. Please join us as we discuss these activities in detail.

  1. Research and Development (R&D)

Some of the research and development questions you should use to access the viability of your business activity are: Do you have plans of developing new products or enhancing those that you have in the market? Do you have enough resources on your team and is the team experienced to so maintain a healthy competition in the market? Would outsourcing the activity crucial to your business or does it pose a threat to your already existing market property? Do you understand why your customers prefer your products at the expense of others already in the market?  What do customers like and how would they be affected by the change of your R&D strategy?

  1. Procurement

Successful management of any supply chain is significant since it helps ensure that the products are built and delivered on time, according to the expectations of the customers and within the specified budget. Many scholars and business entrepreneurs argue that 80% of the lead-time and cost of an electronic assembly is associated with the materials in use. Is it possible to outsource the procurement of the materials to a 3rd party and maintain a healthy competition? Where are the hidden costs of the business and what additional savings can be realized through the devolution of this activity? It is, therefore, clear that procurement is an important factor and it should be controlled especially if you need to add value to your customers.

  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing your own electronic devices and assemblies demands our focus which might deviate some of your attention from the core business activity.  Moreover, the costs of manufacturing your equipment is costly given you have to consider human resource cost and the costs of operation. However, lack if high quality finished products which can meet the demands of your customers can lead to the dissolution of your business, therefore, the outsourcing of this the manufacturing activity should be handed over to the CEM provider and should be treated professionally.

Companies respond differently in their approach to outsourcing and most of the successful companies in the world have used CEM providers since they were established. So how important is the manufacturing of your company’s products in-house so as to achieve the set objectives and at the same time satisfy your customer’s demands?

  1. Testing

As once stated by Siemens; an electronics provider, “quality is when customers consistently come back to buy your products and customers and customers don’t come back. Most of the customers expect that any of the products they buy from you function from the word go with a very high reliability and low failure rate. If your product fails to satisfy your customers in this utopia, your reputation will be ruined.

There are several levels of product testing with each electronic assembly calling for a different approach. Simple tests are required to ensure that the product switches on and off as expected are necessary. However, if your product calls for complex tests using sophisticatedequipment which are not readily available, careful though is necessary taking into consideration the cost of outsourcing. In this stage, it is critical to ensure that your customers are fully satisfied by your products.

  1. Outbound Logistics

Even if your products are been shipped locally, nationally or all over the world, you rely on your infrastructure to supply the products with minimal delays. With continuous changes in consumer consumption behaviors, it is critical that organizations offer responsive services which are agile enough to meet the changing demand. One should consider the ability of the business to handle the necessity for configure-to-order or build-to-order capabilities.

In order to broaden electronic manufacturing companies, many have come up with procedures and processes which can facilitate the production of products to an embryo level and enable the dynamic adaptation of the products such that they meet the requirements of the customers. We at RUSHPCB have a well-defined logistics procedure which has allowed us to thrive in the competitive PCB world, please Contact Us and interact with our team of experts.

  1. Sales and Marketing

In this stage, one should consider the time and effort spent on the sales and marketing activities. Moreover, the struggle needed to attract new customers and the resultant consequences are important. Comparatively, constant awareness is significant to ensure that your business thrives in the competitive market.

We are aware that this blog post has challenged you more than it has provided solutions to some of the problems. However, our principal aim was to create awareness of the cost and the factors consuming your time in your organization. We recommend that you understand your market better and conduct frequent market research to alert you of any changes in consumer behavior and consumption patterns.

We are specialists in PCB manufacturing, design, assembly and fabrication and we care much about customer satisfaction especially in the products we offer. Please visit us at and view the range of PCB products and services we offer and place a quote as well. Our prices are very fair.