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Why RushPCB UK Is a Reliable PCB Manufacturing Company

Consumer demands and industry challenges are increasing tremendously towards lightweight products, miniaturisation, greater product design freedom, lower costs, more environmental friendly applications, and higher reliability. In all these aspects, flexible circuits from a trusted PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB, are proving their worth.

Flexible Circuits from RushPCB UK

The flexible circuit technology offers a huge range of benefits and capabilities. Offered by the best PCB manufacturer UK, flexible circuits effectively eliminate wiring errors commonly associated with manual wiring harnesses, which simplifies assembly. As these circuits can flex, form, and bend to follow the contours of cabinets, they often eliminate several connectors, reducing component numbers, assembly effort, and time. All this goes to increase the product reliability.

RushPCB, a reliable PCB manufacturer UK, makes high-quality flex circuits that encourage 3-D packaging through their property of dynamic flexing. The circuits offer unmatched high speed and high frequency performance as they allow excellent control over transmission impedance, while offering lower impedance as compared to that offered by conventional wiring.

RushPCB offers flex circuits with dielectric substrates that are good conductors of heat. This improves heat dissipation, while flat conductors provide thinner circuits, leading to a huge improvement in airflow capabilities. Additionally, the compliant substrate minimises thermal mismatches.

The lightweight nature of flex circuits helps in reducing the weight of the product, which in turn, the OEMs can use for increasing their products’ packaging density, aesthetics, appearance, or for offering designs that are more integrated.

Advantages of Flexible Circuits from RushPCB UK

There are several benefits of using flexible circuits from the most trusted PCB manufacturer UK. RushPCB offers the thinnest dielectric substrates, as thin as 0.002 inches, and these reduce the package size and weight extensively—sometimes by as much as 75%—the weight reduction being especially attractive to the aerospace industry.

By using flexible circuits, OEMs can bring down their assembly costs. They achieve this in two ways—first, by reducing the number of assembly operations required, and second, by their ability to test the circuit before committing it to the final assembly. This comes from the highly reliable design of flexible circuits from the best PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB, as their design offers an excellent means of reducing the number of levels of interaction required by the product.

Hand-built wire harnesses do ease the assembly process, but often introduce wiring errors that take up troubleshooting and repair time. Flexible circuits eliminate wiring errors entirely, as it is not possible to route them to points other than those already designated.


SMT and Flexible Circuits Assembly

RushPCB, the best PCB manufacturer UK, offers flexible substrates, and uses the most advanced surface mount technology (SMT) components and reliable conductive lead-free solder pastes for mounting them. Flexible circuits from RushPCB come with highly compliant substrate material that effectively counteracts the effects of thermal stress, as SMT components are highly sensitive to thermal mismatch between the component material, mounting, and the substrate.

High Density Interconnect PCBs from RushPCB

For customers requiring even higher wiring density per unit area, highly trusted PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB, offers the High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB technology. HDI technology offers finer lines and spaces, smaller vias, capture pads, and higher connection pad densities than conventional PCB technology can. OEMs use HDI PCBs to reduce the weight and size of their products, while enhancing their electrical performance.

RushPCB makes HDI PCBs using microvia and buried via technology, along with sequentially placed lamination, insulation material, and conductor wiring layers for very high density of routing. Coming from the best PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB, HDI PCBs are the best alternatives to expensive high layer-count standard laminates or sequentially laminated boards.

Signal Integrity in HDI PCBs

For high-speed boards, maintaining signal integrity is highly desirable. For this, the PCB has to possess excellent AC characteristics, such as high-frequency transmission capabilities, impedance control, and low radiation. Furthermore, stripline and microstrip transmission line characteristics necessitate a multi-layered design.

To maintain signal integrity, the insulating material in the PCB must have a low dielectric factor along with a low attenuation ratio. Unprecedented high-density is demanded by mounting and assembly methods for Direct Chip Attachment, Chip Scale Packaging, and Ball Grid Array packages. RushPCB achieves these using the microvias and buried via technology, which uses holes with diameters down to 150µm and even lower. Rather than use regular drill bits, RushPCB prefers to use highly accurate lasers for drilling such small-diameter holes.

Advantages of Using HDI PCBs

The HDI technology from RushPCB offers substantial advantages over regular PCBs—making products smaller and allowing high-speed and high-frequency operations possible. HDI offers compact boards that give better electrical performance and lowers the power consumption. Shorter connections mean better signal integrity and other performance improvements due to minimal stubs, closer ground planes, lower EMI/RFI, and distributed capacitances.

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RushPCB is Internationally Certified

OEMs, when selecting a consultancy for circuit board manufacturing, look for those with certification to international standards. Trusted PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB, conforms to IPC-A-600, and the standard defines the acceptability of circuit boards for quality of workmanship and sets the comprehensive criteria for their acceptance.

That means RushPCB as PCB manufacturer UK produces quality products and identifies sources of non-conformance, if any, in their manufacturing processes. RushPCB conforms to the IPC-A-600 training and certification, and therefore, the manufacturing services reduces the risk of mounting expensive components on PCBs that are defective. This not only reduces scrap, but also facilitates better communication with OEMs.

As a trusted PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB employs experienced engineers, purchasing professionals, and quality inspectors to define PCB requirements properly, specify requirements for purchasing, and to detect non-conformances. If you are looking for a reliable PCB manufacturing company, as a trusted PCB manufacturer UK, RushPCB will fulfil all your requirements.


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