What Can a Reliable Turnkey Service Do for You

RUSHPCB: Your One-Stop Solution for Turnkey PCB Production and Reordering

When putting together any Printed Circuit Board project, chasing down a design, then your components, and then a company to assemble it all, can be a complete hassle. However, RushPCB offers turnkey production and design services to make your project easier to design and produce, which saves money as well as time.

We have an on-site staff of designers and fabricators who can work with you to put together any product, using the latest techniques and technologies. You can either upload your own BOM design file to our ordering system and have us structure your PCB, or you can work with one of our talented and knowledgeable staff to design a PCB that fits all of your needs. We also have a variety of options when it comes to selecting your components. We have a list of recommended parts distributors, as well as a network of suppliers who can work within most budgets to obtain components that will work for your project, yet are still of the highest possible quality. We also have state-of-the-art on-site equipment for putting together your PCB order. Our on-site capabilities include mixed assembly placement, surface mount technology (SMT) soldering, pin-through-hold soldering, and mixed component assembly soldering (and mixed component assembly). We offer a variety of surface finishes including hot air solder leveled (HASL), gold flashing, carbon ink for keypad application, soft gold, and several other capabilities, depending on the requirements of your project. We can also produce PCBs for military and aerospace projects, Ball Grid arrays, or rework an existing PCB that you might need, and can produce either flex or rigid PCBs. All RushPCB projects are fully tested for functionality and quality control, to ensure that your project is flawless and performs according to your expectations.

Having all of the resources you need in one place means that RushPCB can easily save your order details, including specifications, design, components list, and assembly method.  This allows us to provide full turnkey reorder services, saving you time, and providing you with the PCB projects that you need in less time, and with no guesswork. Your past orders will all be available online in your personalized customer account.  To reorder, you only need to go into your account, select a quantity to reorder and submit your request.  Making changes is easy, too.  Using your past order details, we can make any adjustments to your PCB order that you might require, from simple changes such as changing your order amount, to more complex changes including changing component requests. Our team can easily amend any order in our system, and produce it on-site.

At RushPCB we pride ourselves on producing the best-quality PCBs for our clients, efficiently and cost-effectively, and our ability to provide turnkey production and reordering means that you’ll have your project in your hands, and ready to implement, quickly, whether it might be a brand new order or a continual reorder. We are here to help you with any aspects of your PCB production needs.